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  1. hi dear, what is your experience after drop and fluff? yours got smaller? hello, so in the end, when did yours got the final nice look?
  2. hi sweety so sorry i confused you well, today I am 5 weeks post surgery, had it on February 19. well, the point is that mainly i can see the implants are being apart from my breasts; my natural breast stays down, soft and kind of jelly...just as they were before surgery, while thhe upper part of breast is hard like a rock not at all these two - implants & my breast they dont...melt, they dont come together. they look horrible, nipple pointing down, not at all volume in the lower part of breast...i am so so horrified by the way they look, I am sick of them, i cant look at them, i cant have sex anymore, I feel like i look mutilated which actually i do baby, i wear the band since beginning of last week and no, i never had too much sports hi sweety yes, pictures uploaded stupidly, i arranged them in a different way. so sorry, I try now to clarify picture 2 is the one before- it is obvious first one is taken when i was 2 weeks after surgery and the rest are from week 3...then week 4. I will upload later pictures from todday, when I am exactly 5 weeks after surgery (19 february was the surgery)
  3. dears, thanks a lot for your answers, yes they are textured, not anatomic but round, Arion implants. well, point is that they dont///melt eachother, my natural old breast is down, soft as before surgery while the up part of breast is hard like a rock and mainly these 2 totally different textures dont mix eachother, they are independent and therefore the look of breast looks horrible. i will try to upload some picts, from my phone and let you girls judge as well. i just want the 3 months to pass and then have a surgery and remove them. they are horrible, uncomfortable, i am horrified everytime i see them...the worst time of my life, this is what i did with this implants
  4. Girls, I don't have anatomic, but Arion rotund ones, and I am almost 5 weeks and still hugely incredibly, horribly high, I am starting to really get scared. I add in here some pics, hope you can tell me if there are also girls woth round implants that, at 5 weeks post BA still have same swollen boobs. I am tired already of the compressive band + compression bra... Picture 1 - before BA picture 2&3 - after 2 weeks Picture 4&5 - after 3 weeks Picture 6 to 11 - at 4 months Thanks girls for your answers ?❤️
  5. dears, any of you facing this issue? my breasts look almost the same as 5 weeks ago, when had the BA. I feel exhausted, I cannot concentrate on anything, I feel depressed. doctor adviced me to start wearing a compression band on top of the compression bra....a NIGHTMARE! any similar situations with you as well? I will try to upload some pics as well. kisses
  6. Woooow, similar to my situation. Hope mine will drop afterwards, i am almost 5 weeks and mine are still high in the neck, with no drop almost at all
  7. Hi girls. Had my surgery on February 19 so inam 4 weeks and 4 days post surgery. My breasts won't drop almost at all. I tey soon to upload some pics maybe i find out other girls that been through this amd get more relaxed. I am really scared they may end up like this and need a revision....i hope it won't be the case. Starting this Monday, so after a month since surgery was done, i was told by the doctor to wear a compression band 24/24. Hopefully it works, I am very scared I explain the collage with photos so: - left up- week 2, immediately after removing the bandages - right up - 3 weeks - left down 3 weeks and 4 days - right down 1 month
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