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    Breast Augmentation & Lift, Rhinoplasty
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    bangkok makeovers Dr Preeyaphas 25th May 2010
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    post op very saggy overfill 12c but underfilled 12d now i fill a 12E

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  1. hi mumofthreeperth just wondering if i can see your before and after pics? lift/ba. Not sure ifyou remember me but we had a couple of convrsations earlier on. I can't belive you have had it all done already. I am still struggling with my last 5kg to loose but have consultations booked in perth for end of this month with 4 surgeons. I've been keeping track of yr progress and you seem pretty happy! Was Serene there at the same time as you? Poor thing. I decided myself that I would be more comfortable having the op in perth (given I already have to travel from geraldton). Hope yr recovery has contined without problem. Cheers Claire ps. my email address is clairek@iinet.net.au