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    Recently undergone breast augmentation - 300CC Motiva Ergonomix
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    Dr Terrence Scamp - 14/05/18
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    156cm/54kg/10 B

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  1. Big thanks to all you ladies for your responses. I ended up reaching my surgeon's after hours number and spoke to him about how I was feeling. He said obviously we could reschedule if I wanted but also went through with me about how in his opinion I have a small frame and a short torso which could easily look bulky (I know this to be true with push up bras). He also took into consideration my active lifestyle, desire to look natural, and my amount of existing breast tissue. I'm feeling a lot better and more relaxed about the size. I think seeing all the images of women with big gorgeous boobies skewed my perception of what would actually work for me. Comparison is the thief of joy! I can't say anyone's advice is right or wrong because it is advice after all. But everyone's responses helped me decide to speak to my surgeon and I ultimately ended up happy so thank you
  2. I have my surgery in 3 days (eeek) and am already having feelings of boob greed! I am petite - 156cm and 53 kg and settled on 300CC in the second consultation I had with my surgeon. The sizers looked good and proportional to my curvy lower body. However, reading through these forums has made me feel like I'm being too conservative and will come out of surgery disappointed. I have called my surgical coordinator to ask whether it's too late to change my size and she has said that it is too late because we can't fit in an appointment before the surgery. Is it possible to tell my surgeon right before the surgery that I'd like to go bigger? Would it be silly to go for a size that I haven't had the opportunity to try on? Thanks to anyone that responds!