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  1. Hello! I'm commencing my research into cosmetic surgery but feeling pretty overwhelmed and hoping to get some real info from people who've done it. I'm 26, from Melbourne, and I'm looking to get surgery on my breasts and also liposuction on my arms and inner thighs. I don't necessarily want my breasts to be big, I just want then to be a bit fuller but predominantly a much better shape and also I want my areolas to be smaller. I have always really disliked the shape of my boobs but in particular my nipples - while they're okay when the nipples are erect because the areola puckers, I really don't like them when they aren't erect. I have included pictures here. I've been looking into dr Tav's mini boobjobs but ideally I could have the surgery in vic. I'm not by any means big/obese to necessitate the lipo but I have stubborn fat on my inner thighs and arms that won't go so I figured if I was already getting the surgery I may as well. I have these questions (if anyone wouldn't mind answering - thank you!): - does nipple correction happen regardless of whether you get a lift or not? - implants without lift vs with lift: is there much of a difference in recovery time for this? - does anybody have any recommendations for breasts/lipo in Melbourne or around? Has anybody had good experiences with cosmetic avenue, or heading abroad ie with cosmeditour? - funding: for those girls who didn't/werent able to save up first, did you go through a cosmetic loan type scenario or just through a bank? - can anybody tell me roughly what I can expect to pay for breast implants, lift, and lipo on those areas? - silicon or saline? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you so much!
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