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  1. Hi! Why do you want to have lippo? I understand that it’s much easier to get rid of extra kilos with the help of surgery. BUT: do you really think that afterwards you won’t have to keep to some diets or go to the gym? I had to do lippo because of hormonal misbalance. I couldn’t lose weight after my second child. I trained a lot and ate healthy food only but nothing helped. That’s why I had a lippo and then took Duromine from this webiste. If you have only few extra kilos, first try sport and healthy food, and then ask for a lippo in case nothing helps. P.S. By the way, your breasts are really cool! Who operated you? I want to have the same.
  2. Hi reddrock! A friend of mine has just recovered after the operation. She also had such a problem and after childbirth decided to change the situation. She was operated by Dr Tavakoli at East Sydney Private Hospital. She is really satisfied with the result. Don’t worry! Everything will be OK! Just do it!
  3. Hey! I want to have a breast lift with augmentation. I’ve heard that cabbage together with contrast douche and wet compress made out of herbs and essential oil can be also helpful. Has anyone tried that? Are there any unwanted side effects of this surgery? How much does it cost and what doctor to choose?
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