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    California, USA
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    Mentor SiliconeGel Smooth Round, 500cc HP, sub-muscular. Inframmary incision.
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    Dr. Curtis Wong, February 16th, 2018
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    5’3, 100 lbs. 30C pre-op, 30G post-op

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  1. 500cc Mentor Smooth Round SiliconeGel, sub-muscular. I was a 30C and now I’m measuring 30G. Thank you so much! xoxo My surgeon’s noticed the left one is slightly higher and more outward than the right. So I’ve been doing the displacement massages to help the left one drop and catch up to the right.
  2. 1 Day Post-Op vs. 1 Month Post-Op. I can’t wait for them to D&F more but I know I have a lot more time to go. xoxo
  3. I’ve been trying to remember to take pictures, but I’ll take them more often. Thank you! I’ll be sure to make an update! xoxo
  4. I was a 30C / 32B before, now I’m a 30G / 32DDD. Still only about a month post-op.
  5. My surgeons the one that actually pointed out that one is higher and more towards the outer part of my ribs. Like I said, he’s been having me continue the displacement massages on the higher one and keep my lower one supported. It’s been two weeks since he’s been having me continue it, and to focus on the left one. He said to wear a sports bra or something in a figure 8 position. I was just curious about what other people surgeons has suggested. I can’t tell if seeing any progress. Also I can’t tell if it’s because my fold is slightly higher and high the implant maybe? Idk. I have an appointment on the 23rd of this month. The receptionist said this would be the appointment that we’d talk about revision, if needed.
  6. He told me to continue doing the downward massages on the higher side, to keep my lower one supported and the higher one unsupported. He also said some people wear a sports bra with the band over the higher boob but it was so uncomfortable.
  7. I’m having the same situation with my left being higher and less centralized than my right! About 1 month post op.
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