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  1. Evening all, I had a breast augmentation almost 10 months ago now, and in the past 3 weeks I’ve been experiencing pain in the crease under my right breast. On examining it, nothing seems out of the ordinary. There is no burning, redness or swelling apparent. However, when I press underneath I can feel a very small lump that moves under the skin. This along with the pain I’m experiencing has got me worried. I have thought perhaps that the pain is a result of my bra rubbing on my scar, yet the pain continues even after I have removed my bra. I know you’re not doctors, but I would appreciate some advice. Thanks
  2. Thanks ladies. I'm trying to remain positive and I'm hoping with time I will learn to love them. The decision to have my boobs done wasn't made lightly and it was a 14 year debate with my hubby... a bloody hard man to crack!!! I guess because if this I'm left even more disappointed because I had very high expectations. My husband has never been interested in boobs and is definitely a butt man so it was purely for myself that I had them done. I have been a full time stay at home mum to our 4 kids for the past 8 years, so I feel guilty that I've spent 12k on myself and not feel satisfied when the money could have been used elsewhere!
  3. I completely understand how you feel and as the other ladies have said, perhaps your friends are jealous?! Im 12 weeks post op and I'm so unhappy with the size of my boobs that I completely regret ever having them done. I feel like I've wasted 12k. I can't even discuss this with my hubby as he gets annoyed at the thought we'd spent this money and I'm not satisfied. We live and learn! Do what makes you happy and if getting a revision will do that, I say go for it!
  4. Ss84

    Boob greed

    I have major boob greed! I am 12 weeks post op and completely regret ever having my boobs done. They are way smaller than I had hoped and when I had my review appt with my surgeon he said that my implant size was quite large for my frame. One boob still hasn't dropped and I feel that it's a little flat around the nipple, my breasts feel numb and you can barely tell I have boobs. Sorry for the rant 😂
  5. Yes it will be the projection! I think had I of gone high profile, with the same width, I would have been much happier with my outcome. Although very small changes in the cc amount, I think the profile can make a difference.
  6. Hi @Mumma-K, I have recently had BA surgery and have 4 little ones ranging from 15mths, 3 yrs, 5yrs & 7yrs. My hubby could only take the first 4 days off work, and after that I had my mum pop in and out. Our 3 year old is very independent, and she would either walk or ride her scooter to the school and back each day to collect the older ones, while I pushed the pram with the 15mths old. I surprisingly found this very easy. My surgeon recommended no lifting for the first 2 weeks, but understood sometimes this can't be avoided. I definitely tried to stick to his advise as closely as possible, however hard it was. I only did light cleaning the first 3 weeks eg, no mopping (this felt funny to do), or vacuuming (my mum did this for me), trying to hang washing on the line let a little awkward, but ok on a step ladder. I drove to my post op appt day 5 and this felt perfectly fine. Fortunately, all in all, my recovery was a walk in the park. I didn't require any heavy pain killers after discharge from hospital and only took a couple of panadol here and there. I think remaining in bed and doing very little the first 4 days while hubby was home really helped. Good luck! I hope it all goes well
  7. I have mentor smooth rounds and I'm currently 6 weeks post op. My breasts are starting to become quite soft and definitely getting a little jiggle😉 I'm sure this will increase further over time.
  8. Hey, I can't help you with wishing I'd gone smaller , as I'm the other side with wishing I had gone bigger! I can tell you though, that 50cc will not be a noticeable difference in size. You would need to have a difference of at least 100cc to be able to notice. Try not get caught up in the ccs and go with what sizers you are happy with! I know there is a girl on her kaelidescope eyes, and she has recently just had a revision to downsize. Perhaps have a chat to her? If it helps I chose 375cc mod + and just fit a c, but look more like a b. I started out barely an a cup. I am a small build and thought I would easily be able to achieve a D. I am currently 6 week on Thursday. Good luck with whatever you choose 😀
  9. Haha always the way! Guaranteed, if I take one of my kids to the doctor after being sick for a day or so, I would get to the dr and they would be running around wild 🙄 Glad everything has turned out ok for you 😀
  10. Hey Hun, Sorry that your not feeling satisfied with your results. You are still early days so there is still plenty of time for change. I am 6 weeks post op this Thursday, and I also regret not having gone bigger. I choose 375cc mod + and they simply do not have the projection I am after. I felt heartbroken straight after surgery as I just knew that no amount of dropping and fluffing was going to be able to make them the size I hoped for. I am yet to have my 6 week review appt with my ps but I will definitely be having a chat with him about my options done the track once I'm completely recovered. The early recovery period is a roller coaster of emotions, try to remain positive. I know I've chosen the wrong size but I'm over the moon with the shape and the efforts of my PS. I hope you can also extract something positive from your experience too ☺️
  11. Congrats on your new boobs 😀 I'm glad you like the shape. Your boobs will go through major changes in the next few weeks so just be patient (hard I know!) Your boobs will appear slightly smaller when the swelling subsides and then they should fluff out ( I'm nearly 6 weeks post op and still waiting for this 😏) Try to stop stressing and rest up as much as possible 😊
  12. Oh no! I hope it resolves quickly for you. I haven't had any experience with this fortunately, although early days. Perhaps try a warm compress to help with the discomfort!
  13. Hey, one side has dropped and the other is getting there. They feel very soft and they are starting to jiggle a bit which I thought was quite early. The first 2 weeks I saw massive changes but now they seem to be the same. Everyone keeps telling me to be patient and wait for the fluff but if I'm honest I don't think they will be the size I was hoping for regardless of the fluff. All my bathers still fit me and in clothes I still look flat. Boob greed here 🙋 The look good naked though 😆
  14. I still fit everything so far but I'm only 4 weeks out 😀
  15. I am currently 4 weeks 2dpo and over the last couple of days when I've bent over o have this squelching noise coming from my left breast. I've read about other people experiencing this, however most people experience it immediately after surgery and I'm only feeling/hearing it now. Will this go away when they are settled or will it be something I deal with forever? Thanks
  16. I can't tell you if you'll end up that size, but generally you gain a cup size with 150-200cc. If you tried the sizers and you liked 350cc I would definitely go that! I am nearly 4 weeks post op and I had 375cc mod plus and I already wish I had gone the next size up. I am 160cm (5'3') and 52kg size 6 clothing and started as an a cup. I will end up a very small c cup I think. Good luck with your decision, and feel free to look at my pics
  17. Ss84

    Perth Surgeons

    Hey, I've recently had my BA done nearly 4 weeks ago with Perth plastic surgeon Dr Mark Lee. Feel free to ask me any questions 😁
  18. Hey, you've probably just overdone it a little. I only had help the first 4 days and then my hubby had to go back to work. Im in the same boat as you with little ones, we have 4 under 7 and the youngest is 15months. My surgeon said that he understands sometimes lifting can't be avoided but keep it to a minimum, he said I wouldn't do any damage to implant as such just be more sore. I got a little set of step ladders and guided my baby in his cot on his own (he found very amusing 😂) and then helped him climb out. When our oldest was home from school he did all the other lifting in and out of highchair, bath ect. Im now 3wks po and I feel like a could run a marathon! I've had a very easy recovery. I hope apart from being sore your recovering well!
  19. Unfortunately I opted for a conservative size 375cc.... I'm not sure what I expected of this and I guess I was so unrealistic about my outcome. I was scared of looking too big as I'm very petite with minimal curves, I know realise larger implants can still look completely natural! I definitely regret my decision with size! I am very happy with shape at this point though, so at least that's something 😂
  20. Thanks hun for explaining, it does completely make sense however, at my po op appt last week the nurse said I could expect to see a slight DECREASE in size so that's why I'm not feeling optimistic.
  21. I'm 18dpo and mine are definitely smaller than the days immediately following surgery. Im trying to be patient as everyone says in the coming weeks they will get bigger! Fingers crossed!
  22. I completely agree with what you've said! No one size will look the same on anybody. Everyone's anatomy is completely different and even if people are comparing similar stats the chances are skin elasticity, muscle tightness ect will all be different and plays a role in the final outcome. I thought 375cc would look big on my as I'm a very small 160cm, 52kg with minimal curves but somehow they are lost on me. Good luck tomorrow! So happy for you, that you took the step to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and your at peace with your decision! I hope you enjoy your new boobs!
  23. Looking great! You must be super happy 😃
  24. If I were you I would definitely reschedule an appt with your surgeon to try on different sizers to clear your mind. I am currently 16dpo and I'm slightly taller than you at 160cm and 52kg and I went 375cc mod + and I'm absolutely heartbroken that I never went bigger. I was so uncertain with the size right up until I got put to sleep and my gut just told me I had made the wrong choice. Everyone keeps telling me that they are going to change over the months and to be patient, but everyday that passes they are definitely getting smaller. It took me 10years to persuade my hubby (although glad now I waited until after I had kids) and I am gutted that I didn't get the outcome I had thought about for so long. In clothes you would never tell I even had boobs and my padded bras gave me the same effect. My surgeon has done a terrific job and they look great, I just never expressed myself the way I should. Im not telling you to go bigger, nor persuade you to change your mind on size but I'm definitely encouraging you to make another appt to express your concerns with your surgeon so your 100% confident in your decision! Good luck!
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