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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Eddie Cheng, 18/12/18
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  1. Oh darlin, I’m so sorry things haven’t gone to plan for you ☹️ that really is just sh!t $hit shi+!!! Are you still going to reschedule your BA for after your dental work is completed?
  2. You must be so excited!! I just set up a count down on my phone today, I’ve got 90 days to go from today, I can’t wait!!
  3. Hi @devibear, Just out of curiosity, How did you ice your boobs? Just frozen peas etc? I was in baby bunting the other day and saw these ice/heating packs (shaped like a flower with a hole in the middle for nipple/areola to peak through) that I thought would work pretty well but I wasn’t sure if they would be a waste of money if peas/corn will do the same job.
  4. That’s awesome, glad everything went well and you are getting what you had hoped for. Woohoo, bring on Monday!!
  5. I agree with JD, don’t listen to everyone else, it’s your body and your choice, no one else’s 😊
  6. Oh no, that truly sucks!! I suppose it’s better to happen now rather than immediately after your BA, at least once you get all your treatments done for your teeth then you’ll be all set for new boobies 😊
  7. Oh no, inadvertently going on a “diet” only to wake up all bloated, how annoying but kinda hilarious too!! Did your appetite come back with a vengeance the next day? I’ll have to remember all of this for my recovery, so I can make sure I’ve stocked up on all my favourite meals/snacks beforehand.
  8. Oh my gosh, were you ravenous by the time you went into surgery? Or do the nerves keep you from having much of an appetite? If they don’t, I would be struggling by then! I’d need a second surgery by then, to reattach the arm I would’ve chewed off!
  9. Oh no, that’s such a bummer ☹️ But better to be safe than sorry and you don’t want to keep going on with a sore tooth, having a sore tooth is no fun at all!!! Like @LaurenT said above, November will be here before you know it 😊
  10. Oh no, I hope it’s not as bad as you are thinking, my fingers are crossed for you 😊
  11. Chook81

    BA in Gold Coast/Brisbane !! Help me decide

    I’m not exactly sure if he is booked out for December but I only actually called and booked in my surgery last month and I think they still had spots available. Dr Cheng operates on tuesdays each week.
  12. Chook81

    BA in Gold Coast/Brisbane !! Help me decide

    I’ve been quoted just over $10k but that’s for the motiva ergonomix implants which are more expensive (about $2k extra I think?) than mentor smooth round. I am a borderline case, I could do a lift and a smaller implant or a just a bigger implant only and seeing as I had dd’s before kids I’m kind of looking to get somewhere back in that range anyway so just implants only it will be for me 😁
  13. Chook81

    BA in Gold Coast/Brisbane !! Help me decide

    Hi @isabellagrace77, I’m booked in for an augmentation with Dr Cheng in December this year. I was very comfortable with him in my consultation, he was very thorough and I feel like his results speak for themselves (you can see a lot of his before and afters on the AR Plastic Surgery Instagram or Facebook pages).
  14. No way, It doesn’t sound silly at all, I’m the same, I want the end result but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at all about being operated on and the recovery period afterwards (I’ve never had surgery in my life). I know my excitement for renewed boobs far outweighs my nervousness so I’m going to focus on that to get me through my nerves I think 🤞
  15. I am most likely getting ergonomix too (that’s what I’ve been quoted for as well) so I will wait until my pre op appointment (in early December) to confirm size. When I had my consult, I tried on mentor sizers and he said we will do equivalent of that but in the ergonomix range, so exciting!!! Dr T’s work looks amazing, you will definitely be in safe hands there 😊. I’m with you @Tori14, December can’t come quick enough 😬