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  1. Hi @jemma090, I saw your pictures on the drop and fluff and your results are fantastic!! I was just wondering if you could tell me what your starting point was? I read in one of your comments that you have had 3 babies and breastfed all. I’m deflated after 4 babies (3 of the 4 were only breastfed to start off) and am now an empty c cup I think? 

  2. @JD* we Yay, only 86 days to go now, I hope for your sake that the next 13 weeks flys by 🤞and it’s surgery day before you know it. I’m not booked in yet, I’ve had two consults with two different surgeons so far, Dr Matthew Peters at Valley Plastic Surgery and Dr Eddie Cheng from AR Plastic Surgery. I’ve got one more consult in two weeks time with Dr David Sharp at David Sharp Plastic Surgery, he was my favorite surgeon when I booked my consults and his work is pretty great so it will probably be a toss up between Dr Cheng and Dr Sharp. I am borderline lift but so far both surgeons have said I could probably get away with not getting a lift as well. The first surgeon recommended anatomical 440 hp (possibly 485 hp tall height) dual plane and the second surgeon said I could do 450 round hp also dual plane. So once I have my last consult, I’ll weigh up my pros and cons and decide which way to go. I am really looking forward to making a decision and booking it in so I know how long I have to go until my new additions!! I hope everyone that has already had their surgery is recovering well and enjoying their new boobies 😊
  3. Good luck today @Mumma-K
  4. Good luck today @Mmm22
  5. That’s what I’d love to achieve, Soft and lovely. Good to know that’s what they deliver. Can I ask if you went over, under, or dual plane? Hi Lauren, just had a quick look at your profile and saw you are from Brisbane, me too!! Can I ask which surgeon you saw for your BA?
  6. I did, your results are awesome, I hope I end up with a great result like you.
  7. Thanks @Wanting boobs, that’s really helpful. The surgeon I’ve seen so far never mentioned what projection the implants were that he recommended so now I know I shouldn’t be surprised that they are high projection, I am pretty deflated so will need something pretty decent to fill these old tatas back up!!
  8. Hi @Wanting boobs, I just sent you a FR, (not sure if I did it right or not though). I have had one appointment with a surgeon now and he recommended mentor anatomical 440cc dual plane placement. He didn’t say anything about projection though but did also mention that there was there was a similar implant but it’s taller which would be 485cc. He did say I’m borderline lift so I could go for a smaller implant with a lift too. So many different things to consider. I have two more appointments to go now with other surgeons so once I’ve seen all three I can weigh everything up and decide. Nerve wracking but so exciting!!!
  9. Thanks @Mumma-K it is very exciting!! I’ve been wanting to do this since my second daughter was born 13 yrs ago but I wasn’t certain I was done having babies and sure enough I met a great man and we got married and we now have a 2 yr old and 8 month old. So no more babies for me, it’s time for new boobs!! I’m in Brisbane. Oh and good luck for your upcoming surgery you too @Mmm22 Thanks @Teardrops, i will. I know my husband is getting sick of me talking about and looking at boobs constantly so it really is wonderful to have this community of like minded people to talk to about all of this
  10. Hi everyone, I’m hoping to get my boobies done in December this year. I’m just in the process of seeing a couple of different surgeons before I choose who to go with and then set the date, I’m so excited!!
  11. Thank you @Wanting boobs, that’s good to know, I was worried the anotomical implants didn’t have as much jiggle seeing as they have to be textured. Are you super happy with them so far? What brand of implants did you get? Hooray to girlfriends, I would probably let my friends have a grope too, if they were curious and asked to see how they feel.
  12. That’s so good to hear, i have seen some amazing results using the smooth round implants! I have been skeptical of them, thinking they only produced a “bolted on” look but have since realized you can definitely achieve a natural look with them. I was originally thinking anatomical implants would be best but now I’m thinking the smooth rounds will give a nicer feel. I have got consultations with three different surgeons over the next two months so here’s hoping I can decide what I want after seeing them. P.S. I had a look on your profile and your BA results are great!!
  13. Thanks luv, it’s good to know I’m not chasing after something that is not widely used in Australia. With your mentor implants, did you still find you had bounce/squish etc? One of my biggest concerns is my boobs not having any jiggle after I get them done, I still want some jiggle, for me and for my husband!
  14. Hi everyone, So I’ve been addicted to researching breast augmentation surgery (my husband is beginning to think I love boobs more than he does!). I’ve been looking everywhere at picture of my new boob goals and before and afters of similar starting points to me etc. I’ve recently found a fantastic result with the Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch implants and her result is exactly what I’m after (very similar starting point to me as well). I’m just wondering if anyone has/has had these implants? If so, are you happy with your result? Or conversely, not happy with them?