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    Breast augmentation, dual plane with motiva ergonomix 400cc
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    Dr Eddie Cheng, 18/12/18
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    166.5 cm, 60kg, 10 b/deflated c
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    Currently - Stay at home parent
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  1. I hope all went well yesterday @Bettyboo15, I hope you are feeling ok today 😊 I hope today is going good for you Tori14, good luck 😊 All the best for tomorrow @AS1, how exciting!!
  2. Good luck today @AllyT, I hope it all goes well 😊
  3. Good to hear you’re not in too much pain, I’m glad you are loving your new boobies 😊 I had my pre op appointment today so it’s all starting to feel a bit more real for me now, I’m nervous but can’t wait to have renewed boobs 😬 Ouch, doesn’t sound like fun at all, I’m not looking forward that this phase of the healing process but once everything relaxes I’m sure you will be totally smitten with your new boobies
  4. Good luck today @Ezza98 and @Olivia81, I hope it all goes well 😊 How are you all going @JD*, @Mumof3adelaide and @Kaye. I hope you are all doing well, or as well as you can be after surgery anyway 😊
  5. Yay @JD*, only one more sleep to go!! Good luck tomorrow, to you, @Mumof3adelaide and @Kaye, you will all have wonderful new boobies by tomorrow afternoon 🎉
  6. Good luck today @Kalani
  7. Chook81

    Anyone have 465cc under muscle

    Hi @Mumof3adelaide, just in case you didn’t end up finding it, I’ve attached the screen shot and the link to the allergen (natrelle inspiration) TRX listing. It is a textured implant with responsive gel and extra high profile. Although, I cannot see a listing for 465cc but they do have a 470 in the TRX range?? https://www.natrellesurgeon.com/Content/PDF/NAT64504_v2_170324ProductCatalog_FINAL_iPad_03.22.17.pdf
  8. They look fantastic!!! I hope the pain is bearable today 😊 @SunnyCoastI was about to ask to you what you got but just saw on your profile that you were getting motiva ergonomix (that’s what I’m getting too 😬), honestly your doctor has done an amazing job 🏆
  9. Good luck today @SunnyCoast, I hope all goes well. Yay to new boobies 🎉
  10. Maybe you could get your eyebrows tinted and shaped beforehand, could even get your eyelashes done too while you are at it, that always makes it look like you’ve got a little something on without actually having to have make up on as such??
  11. I’m glad everything went well for you @silversprings, have fun watching movies and the evolution of your new boobies 😊
  12. You are right, I think that’s probably why it sounds so big to my sister in law, we are both similar in height & weight as well but maybe my bwd is wider then hers (Which makes sense as I used to have wide d/dd boobs before I had kids so now I just have wide deflated boobs instead). I think I’ll just have to do my best to ignore the haters and count down the days til i have renewed boobs 😬
  13. Ha ha, virtual middle finger, I love it!! 😂 You are absolutely right, I trust my surgeon, he was happy that that size would still be in proportion with the rest of my body. I’ve done that much research and am relentlessly looking at boobs that I think my husband is starting to seriously question if I’ve started “batting for the other team”. Thanks @JD*, you’re exactly right about not changing my size to please others, I’m the one that will be living with them, not anyone else.
  14. I need to vent, something has been bugging me since last month, to the point where I’m starting to second guess if maybe I’m going too big with my size choice (450cc HP). Last month, we told my husband’s sister and her husband about my BA in December. They were supportive however they both raised their eyebrows when I told them the size implant I’m planning on getting, which I kind of find annoying seeing as she has breast implants herself (365cc UHP, I think she said??). Has anyone else had this with family members? And how did you forget about others opinions?
  15. Good luck today @DiamondC, I hope the next few hours flys by for you 😊