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    BA - 345cc Silicone round unders
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    Dr. Michael Lee/ May 2018
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  1. One side tighter

    Thank you!!! This forum has been amazing, so glad I have you all to turn to, half a world away!
  2. One side tighter

    Ok, another question!! I saw my PS yesterday, had suture tape and the non dissovable sutures removed. I have had a super busy day today, and I feel like my right boob is higher and tighter than my left. He didn’t note anything yesterday, said everything was looking great. And physically when you look or palpate them they seem similar, it’s just a general feeling of a little more tightness that side. Normal? Not? Thank you!
  3. Overdid it?

    Much much better! Thank you! I changed my little on the floor each time yesterday, and picked him up as little as possible. I also forced myself not to clean as much as I did the day before, and left it for hubby to do. I’ll be with family all weekday and the grandparents aren’t going to let me hold him anyway.
  4. Overdid it?

    Good idea on the ladder!! Yes, except for the soreness everything seems to be going very smoothly!!
  5. Overdid it?

    Thank you! Yes, my hubby said he would take care of cleaning/kitchen etc. My son isn’t old enough to get in/out of the crib on his own, so I will have to lift him at least 3x tomorrow, but I’ll try to use just my back and arms, hold him close and not out. I might get my 5 year old to climb in the crib and hand him up to me. She’s pretty good at that. Luckily I’ll have help the 3 days following! You made me feel better, thank you!
  6. Overdid it?

    Hi ladies! I am 9 DPO today. My MIL was supposed to stay 14 days, but had to leave. I was by myself with a sick 17 month old all day, and as much as I tried to avoid lifting him, I couldn’t completely do so. I will also be by myself tomorrow. Friday- Sunday I’ll have help. My concern is how sore I am this evening. Is it just overdoing it? Does starting my cycle have an effect? I am. It in extreme pain, just sore. Like a little less than I if did chest day at the gym sore. Have I ruined anything??
  7. 34 years old. Allergan 345 cc unders. After breastfeeding 2 babies for 18 months, and 14 months, I was a very deflated almost B. Just had mine done 7 days ago, so post op size TBD!
  8. When did yours drop?

    Thank you so so much! Makes sense!!
  9. Aaaack! First peak!

    Exactly, I look so pregnant!! It’s getting a bit better, but by evening I still look like I have a food baby. I felt guilty not wearing the exact bra I was sent home in, but I went and bought a larger size, very similar bra, and I am so much happier. Everything is supported, and still compressed, but not digging into my incisions killling me. Lol. Thanks for the advice!
  10. When did yours drop?

    💜thank you!!!
  11. When did yours drop?

    Ok, so I am freaking out because 6 DPO I feel like I’m looking smaller?? Mine are round silicone unders. Amid my brain just adapting? Or will they drop and look larger as time goes?
  12. Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    So happy you are feeling more at ease! I’m sure you will LOVE your new boobies!!
  13. Localized pain

    Thank you! I see my PS Monday, so I will of course double check with him. It’s just something I’ve never been through, so I’m questioning it all. I could birth a baby un-medicated and not be at all concerned, but this is new. 😝
  14. Localized pain

    Hey ladies! Ok, so I am 5 DPO and experiencing very little/nonpain except in one place. My left boob, towards my sternum, about midway just feels like someone pushing a bruise. Small area, perhaps a fingertip size. No redness or heat. It’s annoying, not dreadful. But what in the world? Thank you all for being my sounding board!!
  15. Low/Moderate profile as oppose to Moderate Plus

    I was so concerned about profile. I ended up with Allergan moderates. I’m only 5 days P.O., so no clue how they will end up, but I’m happy as of now. My PS talked me through all the choices, and left me feeling like for my frame, moderate was a good choice. I wanted to look like I did before kids, but not obvious that I have implants. If I want to show them off more in the future I’ll wear a push up bra. My pics are in my gallery. I will update as they D and F!