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    BA - 345cc Silicone round unders
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    Dr. Michael Lee/ May 2018
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    5’6” 125lbs (pre surgery 32 small B)
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  1. It’s so hard to say, since everything looks different on every person, but I’m 5’6” 125lbs, 12 and 12.5 bdw. I had 345cc moderates put in 7 weeks ago and I’m very pleased. I wouldn’t mind if they were slightly larger, but my surgeon was quite specific about doing an implant that he felt would fit correctly, and therefore recover correctly. Check out my gallery for pics so far!
  2. Hi Mumma-K! I had mine done 6 weeks ago tomorrow. I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old. The first 3 days were the hardest, mostly because I was tired from the meds. By day 5, I felt fairly good. The most pain I had actually came from not being able to go to the bathroom! Surgery and meds made that part rough! I had help for 8 days. After that my MIL had to leave and I was on my own during the day. I was fairly creative with feeding and changing, thanks to suggestions from the ladies here, but I did still have to lift him into the crib for naps. By 4 weeks PO I felt completely (wi
  3. Haha! Yes, popcorn, every time!
  4. Thank you so much!!! Thank you ladies!! Made me feel much better!
  5. Did anyone with slight asymmetry even out? I mean, they are a million times better than before, so if they don’t, I’ll be fine. Just curious. Had the same size implant put in both sides.
  6. It went great!! I could have gone larger I suppose, but I’m very very happy with my size! Recovery was in stages, but each day is better! I have pics in my gallery if you’d like to see!
  7. Bahahahahah! So sorry, yes, that’s a dream boob pic. ? But, that being said, your actual after pics look great too!! All these tiny mommas on this board!
  8. They look great! Congrats!! They seem like the perfect size Min a side note, your profile says you are 40 and have had a baby? How do you keep your tummy so perfect?!
  9. I’m o my 3 weeks PO, but have the same issue! My PS assured me they will even out!
  10. I’m 5’6” and 125lbs with a 12 and 12.5 BWD. Take a look at my gallery. I’m only 3 weeks post op, but so far very very pleased. I did round silicone 345CC unders, with a moderate profile.
  11. All I have had to change is bras and swimsuit tops. My other clothes actually fit better. ?
  12. Thank you!!! This forum has been amazing, so glad I have you all to turn to, half a world away!
  13. Ok, another question!! I saw my PS yesterday, had suture tape and the non dissovable sutures removed. I have had a super busy day today, and I feel like my right boob is higher and tighter than my left. He didn’t note anything yesterday, said everything was looking great. And physically when you look or palpate them they seem similar, it’s just a general feeling of a little more tightness that side. Normal? Not? Thank you!
  14. Much much better! Thank you! I changed my little on the floor each time yesterday, and picked him up as little as possible. I also forced myself not to clean as much as I did the day before, and left it for hubby to do. I’ll be with family all weekday and the grandparents aren’t going to let me hold him anyway.
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