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    Wanting a BA + Interested in vaser lipo
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  1. I am really interested in your progress as i have narrowed my search down to two surgeons for my BA and Dr Chinsee is one of them the other Dr Tavokoli the price difference between the two is quite large and dr chinsee is a cosmetic surgeon where Dr tavokoli is a plastic surgeon these are the main factors I'm finding hard to choose from ...... do you have any pictures up ? if so do you mind if i follow your progress ?
  2. Hi kittykat74 I am curious as to how you went with consulting with Dr Chinsee and if you made your booking i too have been looking into his work and love everything I've been hearing about him the only thing that is scaring me a little is that he is not a plastic surgeon, I keep reading everywhere that this is a caution to be aware of with a BA
  3. I felt just the way you did before i got my lips done the first time, i loved the shape of my lips and just wanted them to be a little fuller so I got half a ml in my top lip only! I absolutely loved it !!!! But when it was time to get a top up my injector had closed down so i did some heavy research and found Alvin the injector he had a sale on at the time $339 for 1ml or the full price for half a ml $290 so when i got there I was completely against getting any filler in my bottom lip and was going to ask for as much as I could get with still looking natural in my top, (as after the sw
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