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  1. It depends on the depth and types of the lines/wrinkles in the neck. Botox has been shown to be marginally effective for reducing vertical neckbands, but horizontal neck wrinkles will not benefit from either of these injections. Botox relaxes muscles, and have no use in wrinkles formed by collagen and elastin deficiency.Invasive treatments like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), laser skin tightening, and light peels can also help reduce the neck lines and wrinkles.Nonlaser treatments like intense pulsed light (IPL), light emitting diodes (LEDs), and photodynamic therapy (PDT) are not quite as effective for deep wrinkle reduction. They may reduce fine lines, but they will not reduce deep neck wrinkles.Lasers skin tightening can reduce horizontal neck lines by increasing collagen production and tightening the skin. Lasers are suitable for patients with a significant amount of skin elasticity. After the age of 60 or thereabout, lasers may be ineffective. Chemical peels resurface the skin and reduce the severity of neck wrinkles. For shallow to moderate neck wrinkles, a medium-strength chemical peel may be powerful enough to affect neck wrinkles. Finally, a neck lift will also improve the neck wrinkles, but is often best in conjunction with those other treatments.
  2. Had the same predicament. Losing face fat is almost as difficult as belly fat. Belly fat is the last thing you burn after all your exercise. Since Belly participates in the least exercise/physical activity. Same is the case with Face. You can’t change that. But your face is something which is easy to concentrate upon. You also need to burn calories for your whole body, which will help you lose fat on face, since spot reduction is not possible according to any bible for weight loss.
  3. Most rhinoplasty surgeons will not operate on patients until they are skeletally mature. This is different for each patient but bone growth tends to be complete in the middle to late teens for girls and late teens to early 20s for boys. It's important to wait until the nose is mature and stable before making any adjustments. The reason for this is that adjustments made while the nose is still growing can under or over estimate the ideal end result. It is also important to make sure that the patient is emotionally mature to handle the surgery as well as the expected recovery process.
  4. My friend had her operation done by Dr. Jacob Sedgh. He's based in Beverly Hills, California.
  5. According to my friend, the surgery does not hurt other than a very slight sting with the first injection on each side.
  6. How can yoga affect your life?
  7. I am totally pro breast reduction for anybody who feels miserable about being large busted. It sucks for many reasons that only a big busted woman or teen will understand. The physical inhibitions, the comments by people, the unwanted attention and the physical discomfort (exercising, neck and shoulder pain etc.) are all good reasons to have it.
  8. Any update here? This is primarily the reason why I joined this forum. To see some feedbacks and reviews on European plastic surgeons. Thanks in advance!
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