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  1. Hi ladies, I have recently had juvederm ultra injected into my lips for the 2nd time. Although I am very happy with my results, I find that my top lip seems to decrease in size quite quickly. The doctor told me next time to try Juvederm Volbella. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Volbella before and what did they think? Thanks
  2. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone has used juvederm ultra and ultra plus for lip fillers and noticed any difference between the 2? I've had the ultra once before and pretty much all came out of my top lip within the first few months. It's been 8 months now and there is still a tiny bit in my bottom lip, not sure if it didn't last as long because it was my first time. Thanks
  3. Hi there Can anyone recommend a good place to Perth for getting lip fillers? I've never had it done before so am wanting to go somewhere with good natural looking results
  4. Hi girls i got my surgery about 9 weeks ago, im 157cm 45kg and was a full A/small B before surgery. I got 295cc implants under the muscle and am now a 10E, hope this helps
  5. Im about 9 weeks post op my boobs are pretty close together anyway less than one finger gap between them but just looking for that little bit extra lol ive tried one playboy style but might have to try a few more
  6. Hi girls Just wondering if anyone knows of a good bra that will push boobs together? Rather than the normal push up bra that pushes them upwards. Thanks
  7. Hi Nic, I am pretty similiar stats to you, i am 157cm and about 45kgs. I had my surgery about 8 weeks ago and got 295cc implants under the muscle. I was a full A/small B before and am now a 10DD/10E. Hope this helps
  8. Im 3 weeks post op with under the muscle impants if anything mine are getting bigger not smaller, the bras i bought 1 week post op are now too small for me.
  9. Im 157cm, wore a full A/small B before surgery, i got 295cc and am now an 8DD
  10. I am 3 weeks post op and so far everything is going really well, have no pain anymore and am doing most of my normal activities. Just wondering what everyone elses scars looked like? My appear to be a bit raised, they are a darksish colour with some peeling skin. Is this part of the healing process or should I contact my surgeon?
  11. Hey there, I am similar stats to you, 157cm 45kgs. I got my BA done a week ago and got 295cc implants under the muscle. I got fitted for bras yesterday and am a 10D the doctor told me they will get a bit bigger aswell, once the muscles relax they will expand and fill out. Hope this helps Xx
  12. Kmf888, i just had my surgery a week ago. I got 295cc teardrop implants under the muscle. I got fitted for bras yesterday and am now a 10D. Boobs will get a bit bigger once the muscle relaxes as well. Hope this helps
  13. Went and tried on bras yesterday.. 10d!! Soooo happy best feeling ever!
  14. Thanks blondee! Did you find that your boobs got fuller/bigger after they had dropped and settled? I am 4 days post op and hoping that once the tightness goes and the muscles relax they will fill out a bit more as they are a bit smaller than I expected
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