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    Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
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    BA + BL
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    Dr Pornthep, 23 December 2018
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    My doggo, the beach, just being outside!

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  1. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @SunnyCoast they looking amazing! How's the pain?
  2. Frankie*

    Showering after surgery

    @I HaveBoobs honestly your references to your hubby's floppy hands do make me laugh 😂😂 can't beat a nice head-massaging shampoo!
  3. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @SunnyCoast that's awesome! 😁😁 relax and recoup now 💗
  4. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @SunnyCoast only 1 more day eeeeek! Exciting! Are you all packed?
  5. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @SunnyCoast hahaha that's hilarious. Should get him to try and put some makeup on ya.
  6. Frankie*

    How did work colleagues react?

    @SunnyCoast oh that's awesome that you can take the rest of the year off the tools! Wowee 3 weeks seems like a short time!! Oh yeah I have no issue at all telling them about it if they happened to say something, but because we're still at the 'getting to know you' new staff stage, I can't bring myself to randomly tell them 😂 Interesting to hear others' experiences 😁
  7. Frankie*

    How did work colleagues react?

    We are generally fairly casual so usually I wear a tshirt or sometimes a shirt if we have a client meeting (really pushing the boat out 😂) All of our staff are male - so we will see what happens! Hahaha that's both funny and really lovely that your work gf noticed but didn't bring it up initially with you! Oh that's awesome that you were able to tell he guys you work with regularly! I have only been in my current job a few months so although I'm friendly with all the guys, they still don't KNOW me know me, if you know what I mean.. so I think they'd feel weird asking. I haven't told any of them! Even my boss (also an old-skool kind of bloke, and always afraid of saying the wrong thing to me because I'm a female 😂).. My surgery is on 23 Dec, so I'll just show up back at work like nothing has happened, I guess haha. How long are you taking off work after the surgery, since you're on the tools? Do you need to take longer?
  8. Frankie*

    12 mpo today

    Happy boobaversary @I HaveBoobs!
  9. Hi all! I'm having a BA and BL in about 6 weeks. I've got 3 weeks off work afterwards to recuperate 😊 Am wondering how my work colleagues will react when I get back as I don't have much of a chest at the moment so I'll say it will probably be fairly obvious! I work in the construction industry (I don't do manual labour - more office based) so have no idea if anyone will even say anything to me about it as they might feel a bit awkward 😂 Did your work colleagues notice? If so, did anyone say anything? Interested to hear others' experiences!
  10. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Exactly what IHaveBoobs said! Your body is different to anyone else's. Do what makes you happy 😊
  11. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    @Ally awaits boobs they already look amazing!
  12. Frankie*

    Thailand surgeons

    Hi there Joanne. I'm having surgery with Dr Pornthep in Thailand through CosMediTour in December. He has done mummy makeovers (see client review photos on CosMedi website). I can let you know how it goes (am having a lift and augmentation). 😊
  13. Frankie*

    Xmas Boobies in Thailand!

    Thank you @I HaveBoobs! I had sent photos of the boobs that I like and am sure that I want round, HP implants but we will decide on size once I get to Thailand. The surgeon had recommended 275-350cc. My stats: 27 y/o, 171cm, 64kg currently a small B cup and would like to be a D. It took a lot of deciding whether to go through CosMedi in Thailand - although they do have good reviews (the chick that does my eyebrows got hers done there and raves about them), there was still the fear of having a medical procedure done so far away from home (I'm in NZ). I had looked in Aus but it was not far off the price of a boob job here in NZ. Not saying price is the most important factor at all, but I did have to factor it in.. I went to a PS here in NZ for a consult, so that I could talk to someone face to face about the risks, sizes etc before I go to Thailand. He said he does 30-40 boob jobs a year, and he specialises in it! Not enough experience for me. Plus he spent the whole time trying to sell me on lower-profile tear drops. He spoke for 45 minutes without even asking what I wanted! When I told him I wanted HP rounds he almost physically recoiled "Oh.. you mean American style.." .. then the consult was over! Am very excited! But do still feel a bit scared occasionally! 😁
  14. Hi lovely ladies! After many years of deliberation I have FINALLY booked in for some surgery. I will be having a BL and BA with Dr Pornthep in Bangkok, Thailand (am going through CosMediTour). Surgery day is 23 December! Any other girls out there booked in around the same time? (I know it's probably a very small chance!) 😊
  15. Frankie*

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    That is so awesome @Mumma_S! Hello ladies - is it too late to join the surgery list for 2018? 😊 I'm booked on Dec 23rd in Bangkok with Dr Pornthep (going through CosMediTour). Have been stalking the forum for a while and you guys get me so excited! 😁 X