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  1. Hi ladies My girls are now 10 months old (BA + BL performed in Thailand on 23/12/2018). Anyone that has had the same procedure - or even only one of them, do you sleep with support every night e.g a well-fitting crop/bra? I have until now because I want them to stay perky forever after the lift haha. But wondered if I was the only one? It’s coming up to summer and I’m just envisioning all the uncomfortable night time boob sweat from wearing support! xxx
  2. Good idea to enquire all over and I do agree that an in-person consult trumps CosMedi’s consults. I didn’t have my consult until the day OF my surgery, as we flew into Thailand late the day prior. I was happy with this as had already asked a barrage of questions beforehand, and had a list to ask when I went into the consult. Interestingly enough, I had always presumed I’d be >300cc but when trying the implants in a bra and tshirt as part of the consult, he wouldn’t tell me what cc they were until I had made my final decision, so that I didn’t get hung up about actual size and it was m
  3. Hi @Jamball ? I’m a CosMedi girl and 3 months post op from surgery in Thailand. @I HaveBoobs is 100% right about the price jumping. I think I had been initially quoted about 9,500AUD but my final invoice came to about 12,000AUD (not inclusive of flights). My case was not complex - just a lollipop lift and implants (250cc and 275cc). One of the girls that had her surgery the same time as me had tuberous breasts and she was so overjoyed with her outcome BUT she did have some minor complications afterwards and managed to get back to see the surgeon (not for further surgery, just for ad
  4. Yes yes yes! Am only just coming up 7 weeks but already so happy ❤️
  5. @JD* I have read that it can be perfectly normal to take time to mentally adjust to our new additions ? try not to worry yourself and just let yourself take time to adjust to the new and improved you! I read somewhere (most likely somewhere on here!) that at 6 days you hate them, at 6 weeks you like them, and at 6 months you love them. I’m sure it’s true and from a mental acceptance point of view as well as loving the physical look ❤️ My partner has repeated the ‘6 days/weeks/months’ mantra a few times to me recently (worried that I went too small ?‍♀️?‍♀️) Give it time ?❤️ They lo
  6. Hey @Chook81 ? Am 4 weeks post op this weekend from my BL and BA! Healing is going nicely - most scabs have healed and am glad to see my lollipop lift scars healing and getting a lot lighter. Am looking forward to more side-sleeping! The first couple of weeks on my back was easy peasy, but am missing the side ? I love how things fit so much nicer now! Feel as if my shape is so much more womanly ? Can’t wait to get fitted for a bra and go shopping! ?? When you say your righty is being stubborn - what do you mean? Has left fluffed or dropped already and righty is
  7. @I HaveBoobs can I please ask you a fitness-related question, since I know you’re a PT? ? One of my girlfriends has just started teaching Reformer Pilates and being a supportive friend, I said I would maybe head along (after the 2 month post-surgery mark) to take part. However .. I’ve never actually even done any Reformer Pilates so am not too sure what it actually involves. I just did a YouTube search and it looks like a bit of arm strength work that could affect the chest .. do you know of anyone that has stopped Pilates because of BA or would suggest not to, because of the sorts
  8. Hi there @ACherish - welcome ? I’m 27yo and am currently 13 days post-op - Surgery in Bangkok through CosMediTour. I live in NZ W/regards to any standards to meet with weight etc, I think as long as you’re relatively healthy and at your ideal weight at time of surgery (and don’t plan to change it dramatically post-surgery) then you’re definitely a candidate - after a consult with a surgeon, obviously. BC pills aren’t an issue, I’ve seen some girls say that they stopped taking them - I think the antibiotics might render them void anyway? It might be worthwhile having a consul
  9. That’s awesome! I used one of the measuring tools online going by my measurements taken during the check up with my surgeon yesterday and would be a 12D at the moment which is exactly what I wanted. However am only 7 days post op now so not sure if they will shrink because of swelling or fluff out more ? Was just a top that I bought. I’ve been thinking about it the whole time haha. Yes will def be wearing the PO bra for a long time. I think it will be really comfy! Have woken up this morning feeling really stiff in my boobs - definitely a new feeling! Is this the dreaded morni
  10. Woah @JD* an 8 to a 12 is a big leap!! First new bikini, so exciting ??!! I bought a top the day before leaving for surgery that will look great with boobs - can’t wait to try it on ? My post op instructions say to wear my compression bra for 2 months straight .. can’t wait to wear pretty bras. ?
  11. Thanks @JD*! Finally out of the hospital today after 3 nights - had all tubes and drains etc removed (yuck ???) but great to be fully mobile again. Trying to remember not to be TOO adventurous and not get ahead of myself in terms of what I can do - lifting etc. Hows your recovery going?
  12. Thanks @I HaveBoobs! Have added a couple of photos to the gallery ?
  13. Thanks ladies! Made it out of surgery yesterday at about 5.30pm. Have been dozing for about an hour at a time through the night. The pain is just like so many have described - more like tender with a bit of pressure. Just got to have a peek when the nurses came to check my nipples (possible side affect of BA and BL can be impact on nipple blood supply, necrosis etc .. but all fine here!) Ended up going for smooth Mod Plus Profile, Mentor Rounds. 250cc R, 275cc L (bit of asymmetry before). For now just snacking on dry crackers and relaxing in hospital, got another night in hospital t
  14. Thanks @JD*! Have just arrived at the hospital - surgery tomorrow. See you on the other side!
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