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  1. How long did it take to have yours approved? Were you told personally and found out after the surgery?
  2. When is your surgery? I am so excited to hear how it goes!
  3. Oh heeey! I finally met with Dr Connell in April and it was confirmed I did infact have tuberous breasts - there was a reason why they are so small and (to me) ugly I instantly loved Dr Connell as he was honest and made me feel incredibly comfortable. He took photos to be sent off to Medicare to be covered for Tuberous Breast Deformity. My surgery is in August with my next appointment being late July. I am incredibly excited yet terrified/nervous etc. My questions to you are; - Have you had surgery with Dr Connell for tuberous breasts correction? - Are you happy with the results? - How long did it take for Medicare to approve your case (if it was approved)? - Were you notified that you had been approved? Thanks!
  4. Hi @Countrygirl94 and @Newboobies81! How did your surgeries with Tony go? Are you happy with the results even though it was a few years ago now (so not even sure your still following this). Also, how long did it take for medicare to approve your case? Thanks!
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