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  1. @Mumma-K 12 E,, woo hoo! I bought cheap bras from Kmart post op as the surgeon didn’t want me wearing surgical bras and I needed something for work. I bought 12c and feel it might be accurate but can’t wait to get properly sized. Happy with that but would love to be a D
  2. @Mumma-K I’m 22 days post and pretty good. I’ve only been back to work for 5 days and biggest thing is feeling like my boobs are part of me in the morning but by 1/2pm they are heavy and uncomfortable and ache all afternoon. I’m loving how they look despite the few pimples I have,, which I’ve never had before. All in all,, I’m happy! Are you happy? @BA2017 1 week! Exciting!!!
  3. @Wanting boobs Glad it is the weekend,, no bra,, ability to lay down! I can’t wait to be where you are! I’m missing gym work and can’t wait to get back there! Use my mums trick for opening jars,, I do,, tap them in the direction of opening on the carpet,, loosens the seal. This has worked for me two weeks post op!
  4. @Wanting boobs thanks for the reassurance! Felt like my progress took a step back today. Glad my first day back was a Thursday,, now just Friday to go!! How are you feeling 7 months on?
  5. I had my first day back at work today after two weeks off,, I must admit I was exhausted by the end of the day and felt my boobs were so heavy!! Probably due to me laying down during my time off!
  6. @KLJ You are braver than I,,, I went for the zip front sort as I’m still feeling a bit T. rex 🦖😆 Looking Great!
  7. @BA2017 I found the first 5 days difficult but woke on day 6 feeling like a new person. I’m now Day 12 and am itching to do more at the gym than walking on a treadmill. Everyone is so different in how they go through recovery. Biggest thing for me was being able to reach out to others on here to know that how I was feeling was normal. It is such an exciting time!! Feel free to message me anytime x
  8. Even with the hard core drugs I’d only manage hour and a half blocks of sleep so you are doing well! I’m still bloated around the stomach but don’t think it’s fluid,,, more likely too much food and no exercise over the last 9 days!!! 😂 if the only relief from the bra is showers,, I say Go for it! Multiple showers a day
  9. @Mumma-K great news that you are sleeping well! I’m only starting to sleep well and I’m day 9. Yes the bloating from the fluid is horrid but it does go away. I’m afraid I can’t help with the post surgery bra question as from day one my PS said I’m not to wear any bras.
  10. Mmm22

    June 18 BA,, anyone else nearly there?

    Looking great @Mumma-K
  11. Ha ha I’ll have to remember the sock trick when I do brave the side sleeping again
  12. @Wanting boobs thanks for that,, at least I now know to give it time. I’m only at week one so it was wishful thinking in my part!
  13. @JD* I’m a side sleeper too and it is a struggle! I tried sleeping on my side last night as at my review they said I could and support with cushions but I woke an hour later in pain so back to sleeping on my back 😂
  14. @Mumma-K Glad to hear it has all gone well. Rest up x
  15. Mmm22

    June 18 BA,, anyone else nearly there?

    @Mumma-K it will be great! And exciting! Honestly it goes so quickly, no sooner are you wheeled in before you open your eyes and it’s done! If you have any questions before or after the op feel free to send me a message,,, 2 more sleeps!