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  1. @Chook81 I wasn’t prepared with ice packs so used what I had,,, the individual microwave steam fresh veggie packs did the trick. Just the right size for my 400cc. Only needed them for 4 days
  2. @sggirl4ps it will get better!!! For the first few days I found the pain horrendous but day 5/6 was a turning point! The pec muscles feel like they are taking the implants hostage when they contract! It is worth it!!! No BM is normal due to the pain meds,, I had prescribed meds to deal with it or I hear prune juice works. The bloating is also fluid from the op so doesn’t go away for a while
  3. @specialkkk I hated having to sleep upright as I’m a side sleeper. I recommend getting a u shape pillow,, made it a little more comfortable. My PS said I could sleep any position as long as it were comfortable. I kept trying to sleep on my side but it wasn’t comfortable until week 3. I was told to go braless from day 2 so they would drop so intimacy was out for me for weeks as I didn’t have support. I imagine it would be different for those with surgical bras. All the best on your journey x
  4. @Mumma_S I think everyone goes through the doubting/anxiety period both immediately before and after BA,, well I definitely did!! I got through my before feelings by reminding myself I’d done my research and felt confident with my PS plus recognising I wasn’t the only one going through it. I wish friends who’d had the surgery had prepared me for the immediate after. I’m now 8 weeks post and am over the moon,, best decision and wish I’d done it 10years ago. Feel free to private message if you need to chat x
  5. @sggirl4ps you need to feel confident and trust your surgeon as this impacts your life not his. Go with your gut instinct!
  6. @sggirl4ps Flexible ice packs. I didn’t have any so used frozen veggies and found the cold soothing.
  7. @devibear welcome to the group! September is just around the corner! I follow Dr T on instagram as his work is amazing. I almost went with him but opted for a local surgeon. I’m now 7 wpo so feel free to ask any questions
  8. @Mumma-K I hope you had a great date night! Just finished my first 5 km run and it feels amazing. The rockwear sports bra held the double Ds nicely ?
  9. @Chook81 I went in wanting anatomical implants but my PS explained round smooth would look better. I took his advice and I love them,, they look natural as gravity makes rounds appear anatomical anyway. Good luck with your decision
  10. @BAM I’m 5 weeks and still numb. I’ll probably raise it at my 3 month check
  11. @Chook81 I’m 5 weeks post and went in to my initial appointment wanting anatomicals/tear drop however came out with round mid profiles and my plastic surgeon was right. I’m so happy with the decision
  12. @Mumma-K I’ll be happy if I end up a 12D. To me they look like a c cup but hubby keeps commenting how big they are ?
  13. Went to bras and things yesterday to ‘just see what size I am’. Previously I was a 10A so took in 10C,D and 12C,, all too small. Turns out I’m a 12 DD at the moment ??
  14. @BAM The bloating is horrible,,, I worked so hard to have a flat stomach before the op and didn’t realise the swelling would be like that. It will go down,, mine took about 10 days. I hated day 2-5 physically and emotionally but day 6 woke a different person (albeit tired from upright sleeping). I didn’t get good sleep until about day 17 when I could comfortably sleep on my side. Every journey is so different.
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