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  1. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    I just prefer the look of 2 seperate boobs not smooshed together cleavage was all not sure why just always have before kids I was 10D padded bra after kids was a 12c but massively padded as it was more so the wide boob/chest than breast tissue giving me that size. I went with 395cc mod + profile mentor anatomical tall implants and just in cheap target non padded bras am a full 12DD at 5 weeks post op. When are you getting yours done? Feel free to FR and I can see my pics
  2. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    Update: I called the surgeons office and sent through some pics and details in an email as per receptionist so he could see if an appt was needed. He thinks they look ‘fantastic’ but to stop wearing the form bra and wear a comfortable bra that doesn’t push the implants together anymore. Still happy to not see my until mid sept for my 3month follow up. Just waiting to hear back if it can have underwire or not... hope so Cos no underwire bras are ridiculous to find!! Thanks for the reassurance and suggestions girls 💕
  3. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    That was my assumption too. He said he had given me a nice cleavage and my 1st thought was ‘dudei’ve said I want a gap’ lol I can use bras to get a closer cleavage if I want one...
  4. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    Yeah I think I will get, better to be safe than sorry and can’t hurt to ask, if I wait 3 months it might be too late to do anything and the reassurance or reverse bra if needed would be worth it... esp for $10k!! Thanks so much.
  5. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    Ok thanks so much. I’ll call them and see what he says. Do u reckon he’ll make another appt with me given it’s so soon? I was kinda expecting a 6 week check not a 3 month wait hey.
  6. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    I had great boobs n cleavage before the kids sucked them dry. looking at pre op pics I spose there wasn’t too much of a gap standing up, laying down... blank canvas basically 😂😂. Is there anything I can do to prevent them smooshing closer? I’m guessing not hey n just let them do their thing?
  7. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    He said my bwd was 12.5 and we went with that size implant, he said I could go either that or 13 but then I said I want a gap so we went up to mod + profile as the alternative for some more cc. I can still push the skin down a little between the boobs before I hit sternum so hoping as the swelling goes the gap will grow. I wouldn’t mind my no bra look in a bra but If I put them in a bra as they are I’m thinking they’ll be smooshed together too much 😩 You’re actually same height as me and just saw your pics. They look great and are another 50cc on mine so I have hope your gap is perfect to me! We can trade lol
  8. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    Here’s hoping. I had a 2 week check up which was pretty vague, post op bra, no exercise until 6 week mark (didn’t say what I could or couldn’t start doing at that point though 🙄) and they look good... next appt isn’t until 3 month mark as well so ages away... I’ve got dual plane anatomical implants so thinking that was why the post op bra is so important. The lady fitted me to the widest hook, how firm should I have it? Here is a tighter hook she said I could go if it feels loose but I’m scared that will leave me with smooshed boobs. I’m sooo glad u said there’s still swelling as I’m hoping each day they will get smaller as I go lol. Yeah see you have the nice gap in between I want lol. I got 395 teardrop mod + talls so not much size difference in ours
  9. KLJ

    Cleavage gap

    Hi All, just after some experiences on what happened to your cleavage gap after your boobs settled and d&f. Did the gap get wider or did your boobs smoosh together more as they settled? I’m 4 weeks post op and my gap seems to be getting smaller and I was adamant from day 1 I didn’t want smooshed together boobs and wanted a gap in the middle... im Hoping as they settle and drop etc they’ll spread out a bit, PS said wearing the post op bra was important in 1st 6w-3m so I wore it 24/7 for first 2.5 weeks and then I’ve worn a sports crop top for a couple of days then post op bra at night still. Hope it doesn’t stop them from spreading out a bit more?? Be great to see and hear some of your experiences and results please.
  10. Epic thread right here 🤣
  11. Omg the burning of the middle/upper back is annoying as hell isnt it!! I’m same, moving and changing positions, stretching, well asmich as the boobs let me, and heat bag and still just burns n aches! Glad I’m not the only one!!
  12. Got into a sports bra and finally washed my post op bra today... new woman haha
  13. Haha after my little rant I woke up and they behaved more today, actually in a sports bra while I wash the post op one finally!! Since the surgery I’ve had my period on day 4, the kids cold, eofy at work which is crazy busy and now hubby is on for a knee op today so I’m sure it’s just me being tired and over it all. I’m sure I’ll love them in a few weeks/months
  14. Thanks 😊, I’m still in the, why did I I do this’ phase a bit n freaking out they’re too close together n toobig, the pic angle looks good though, or 1 could turn n all that *****. Would be great if we could fast fwd an after vision then rewind back n not stress about the initial few weeks/months. 😬
  15. Finally got around to uploading my before and afters if anyone wants to see.