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  1. Omg that was horrible!! Even the shower hurt them let alone bra rub... it took a few weeks for mine to settle. How are they going? How did everything go?
  2. I had mine done with Dr Kollias Nearly 4 months ago. Love them! He did a great job and is lovely... take your questions with you though as they are better at answering them not initiating the info for you. Friend me if you want to check out my pics. I need to take a recent one though too, I’m a month behind.
  3. Haha omg I was STARVING!! Ordered EVERYTHING on the menu for dinner... get outta surgery, nurse says to start slowly as it’s common to spew from the meds... had 2 sips of chicken soup and that was all I could manage lol... I ate breaky though. Worst part of it...like 40 hrs of starving and you wake up with a pot belly from the swelling ??
  4. Welcome im 171cm and 56kg and at 3mpo with 395cc anatomical did you want to check out my pics,
  5. I was admitted at 10am and didn’t get surgery until close to 2pm... talk about blood pressure rising while I waited lol
  6. I’m almost 3 mpo and mine have started to soften the last 1-2 weeks, still quite firm when I lay on my back which is weird but reading these comments gives me hope. It took til about 2mpo before I started liking them and them feel more like me, and to be able to move my arms around without pulling feelings. Definately looking forward to some more squash now. Although hubby says they’re the softest fake boobs he’s felts I guess they’re ok ?
  7. Once off the meds i was ok to drink again. The meds don’t mix well with alcohol though. I wouldn’t get blind drunk either if you stack it it’s prob not gonna be ideal lol. What did you wear running? Even slight impact stuff at home I find I’m using my hands as my support lol.
  8. Yeah finally starting to actually like them and not regret it. Still can’t do much upper body exercise and sweeping outside is weird and that’s sort of thing but getting there. Nipples less sensitive finally so showers don’t hurt anymore but would friggin love to be able to stretch my shoulders right back and get my arms up and back for a good stretch and back arch... guess that will come back eventually. If I were you i’d Be trying to get at least 2 weeks off before going back, wooing a bench down was pretty hard and weird for a while...had to vacuum with 2 hands when I tried 4 weeks post op.
  9. Yeah but they’re olybpretty fresh on the research into it all as well, I know it’s a low risk and had a good chat about it with him but still always going to be at the back of my mind. I’ve also seen cases where they are years post op and have turned as well so that’ll always be there next to it too lol. The choices we make. Dr K was quite vague after my initial appt so make sure u go in with questions if u have them. As far as post op info I got: no exercise until 6 weeks dont lift the kids or anything heavy no massage wear post op bre 24/7 if you get the ban
  10. Yeah I had same convo with him too. Still higher than with smooth rounds though lol. Cc less likely with textured at lease, and no massage post op which I think is a nice plus. Thanks heaps for the info re workouts. Good to hear about being able to continue on with exercise without much restriction. How far post op are you and is there a point where you’re sort of ‘outta the woods’ so to speak or is it always a slight risk?
  11. I got the anatomical dual plane and hubby says they’re the softest fake ones he’s felt. The breast tissue on top makes them soft to feel and I’m only 6 weeks post op. My surgeon chose teardrops saying it was a cosmetic result he was focused on however I kinda wish I went round and smooth due to the higher ALCL risk with textures and the fact I workout a lot and am scared as that they might rotate... I think the less worry would have been worth the rounds.... and dual plane the rounds are squashed up the top half anyway so I don’t think there’d be much of a difference. having said that th
  12. Omg I love all his pics on insta. A friend got hers done by him and they look awesome!!
  13. I just prefer the look of 2 seperate boobs not smooshed together cleavage was all not sure why just always have before kids I was 10D padded bra after kids was a 12c but massively padded as it was more so the wide boob/chest than breast tissue giving me that size. I went with 395cc mod + profile mentor anatomical tall implants and just in cheap target non padded bras am a full 12DD at 5 weeks post op. When are you getting yours done? Feel free to FR and I can see my pics
  14. Update: I called the surgeons office and sent through some pics and details in an email as per receptionist so he could see if an appt was needed. He thinks they look ‘fantastic’ but to stop wearing the form bra and wear a comfortable bra that doesn’t push the implants together anymore. Still happy to not see my until mid sept for my 3month follow up. Just waiting to hear back if it can have underwire or not... hope so Cos no underwire bras are ridiculous to find!! Thanks for the reassurance and suggestions girls ?
  15. That was my assumption too. He said he had given me a nice cleavage and my 1st thought was ‘dudei’ve said I want a gap’ lol I can use bras to get a closer cleavage if I want one...
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