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  1. Lynxuskitten

    Wanting Bigger implants +700c in perth

    So a small update. I have a consult with Cary kailis In Perth today at 3pm. I'm going to push for 900s but will settle for anything over 700 providing my measurements are ok. I followed @donatella and her journey with dona and I'm so excited that mine is also started to fruit. I'll update after consult
  2. Lynxuskitten

    Rotation 😟

    I have heard from other doctors we should massage our implants and should be able to spin and move them to prevent capsules contracture and rotation
  3. 500cc smooth round. I was 70kgs when I did my surgery I bounced up to a 10f.
  4. Lynxuskitten

    Underwire bras and bikini tops

    I've resorted to wearing sport bras now. 500c and so comfy. ***** underwire
  5. Lynxuskitten

    Wanting Bigger implants +700c in perth

    Misstons I want to speak with people who have 600cc or bigger. I'm looking at 800c-900c
  6. Hey ladies! July this year I got 500c silicone smooth round modern plus implants under the muscle. I love my new boobs but I also now have boob greed. i want bigger. I want to speak with ladies who have 600cc plus what profile you went under over and substance. I will be looking at getting it april may next year so any advice or info would be great. Even better if you are bigger and have a wonderful surgeon in aus
  7. Lynxuskitten

    Best boob surgeon in perth

    Hey @specialkkk I'm doing excellent! After awakening at 11.10 i was out of the hospital by 12.20. I did however wake up singing and happy. They fed me and have me fluids so I was well looked after. I organised vij surgery to use one of their compression bras. Costed me $30 And it meant I was hassle free for my surgery (just told them my bra size) I was really weird with pain as I really didn't have any. I got told i would hate the drive home but yeah everything was tight but not pain filled. Hope this helps Goodluck for Sept 10th
  8. Lynxuskitten

    Boob greed

    Yep major boob greed. I'm 2 weeks post op even before the drop and fluff and i probably measure a 10dd or e... But i want 800cc they would match my frame
  9. Lynxuskitten

    Lets talk...

    Currently 2 weeks post op with 500cc and i want 800cc i was worried with size but then I'm 2 weeks post op and already wanting bigger. Do it if you think its a better choice
  10. Lynxuskitten

    Large breast implants melbourne

    What size cup were you before BA- and what did the 800cc put you to - I just got 500cc and I'm still not satisfied. 10B originally
  11. Lynxuskitten

    Best boob surgeon in perth

    So yesterday was my surgery. It was at west leederville hospital with dj vij. He marked me up and ladies put compression socks and leg massagers on and made me deeper breath on from a mask. Operation started at 9.15 and i awoke at 11.10. I got 500c under muscle and i awoke so bright bubbly and cheerful. In my experience the pain is relative to getting full milk boobs after a day 8+ hours from my baby. I was able to pick things up move about and was coherent enough to do little tasks. Bf is concerned by how mobile I am, But if it hurt or I felt strain I would do it. Was prescribed tramadol, oxycodone and told to take anti inflammatory drugs. I had a proxen before bed and slept on my bed in a upright position in a bean bag. I have awoken still feeling tight chested but not much pain- I feel like him has done a stellar jib and i cant wait for them to heal and drop and fluff. I will be posting pics along the way to credit boys work as he is rarely mentioned in these forums
  12. Lynxuskitten

    Best boob surgeon in perth

    Thats where im going- with dr vij
  13. Lynxuskitten

    Best boob surgeon in perth

    How big did you go? He now is charging 9k + 200 consult fee
  14. Kailis has room on 20th of june i believe
  15. Lynxuskitten

    Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Which surgeon have you gone with? I am also in perth considering dr vij or kailis