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  1. Best boob surgeon in perth

    How big did you go? He now is charging 9k + 200 consult fee
  2. Kailis has room on 20th of june i believe
  3. Roll call - Surgery Dates for 2018!

    Which surgeon have you gone with? I am also in perth considering dr vij or kailis
  4. Hey ladies. Im currently a 10b (really a full A) and i am wanting DD. I breast fed my one son and now pre pregnancy bras dont fit. I dont want a natural understated look as its time to go big. Please show me the works of drs vij hanekeri kailis watts briggs and cuneen and all other doctors you see fit. Please 380cc and up only as im looking to go big myself. I have attached my breasts- do you think i have tuberous or assymettic breast