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  1. Another note this was the fault of Sam cuneen yes?
  2. I had strange muscle pain in my left breast as it healed. When I mentioned to my doctor I explained it like string breaking on a guitar. It could be muscle spasms and settling- mine was sharp string breaking rippling pain and then it would stop for a day or so and again. After 7 months post op the pain left and my boobs had fluffed. Might be that
  3. The usual airbubble sounds and farts are coming from the right boob. Seems that one will settle first this time. It's already soft and grab-able. The left boob. I must have elbowed myself in my bed. I am upright sleeping in a bean bag on my bed to limit movement but my son cried this morning and mother instinct had me try and spring out of bed. Elbowed my boob and let out a gasp. My partner awoke to the second cry and I sat in bed seeing what I had done. Alas everything is OK little bruising on that boob but I feel ok. The day has been a jane the virgin marathon and my lovely bf had prepare salad and cooked fish in the fridge for me! Rest.rest.rest.
  4. I'm 160cm and 59kg and went with smooth round under muscle 12 b originally and I went to a 12dd/small e
  5. My first ba was 500c I was exact same size 12b- I went to a 10dd small e cup. Smooth round under muscle mod plus. Please consider the implications of textured and implant illness. Also teardrop will present no upper pile and make them a natural dropped look. Welcome to inbox me if you would like
  6. Read my thread with Cary kailis- I went 800c. 100ml more and expect 2 cups up
  7. G'day my boob lovers and lovely ladies!!! Here is my story of my Cary kailis journey. This is not a paid ad for the bloke nor am i affiliated in any way with bodyworx. Originally I had 500cc under the muscle done by doctor vij at assure cosmetic. His work was great and they healed nicely however I got my boobs done at 73kgs and lost another 15kgs so my fluffed boobs started as a 12e 10f- went down to a 10DD and even some 10D bras fit. So time for revision- time to go a little bigger I wanted 900cc and this was my goal. I researched high and low about breast implants and needed a Dr skilled with larger sizes on small to medium frames. Dr dona in Sydney was my first pick but Sydney wanted me to do my initial consult face to face. Being in Perth flights were $600 per return and was quoted about 12k for revision- add in accom I was looking at 15k. My next choice was Dr vij but after calling his surgery I was less confident to go back to my original surgeon for personal reasons. So Cary kailis, the infamous ent doctor. Now fracs. To begin with this was my bfs first choice as he knew the bloke through bodybuilding; something I learnt the day of the consult. His studio bodyworx located on colin st in city its a lux old style grandeur- I felt under dressed in my mum shorts and singlet. We get into the office and I tell him my wants and needs and we settle on 800c high profile under the muscle as before. I get a very good price given to me and I immediately booked my breast Aug for 3rd April. 2 weeks away. Bit quick but May wasn't going to work for me as I have holidays in June. Today is the 3rd April and the time is just after 3. I arrived to the Subiaco private hospital at 9am and went through copious amounts of paperwork, talking to the pre stage nurse, anethesist and kailis himself. One thing to mention- with vij my pre consult I was put on a rolling bed and rolled to the surgery- this time my thongs were taken from me and I had to walk bare foot and hop on up onto my surgery table/bed. Tbh I felt like this was shoddy. I was strapped down, pricked with a cannula and asked to take deep breaths of oxygen(again terrible anethesist- my phlebotomist at clinipath doesn't hurt me at all) around 10.30am. I awoke in a bed with blanket on, quiet room and nurses weren't into me cracking jokes and having a laugh. I was fed, given drinks and I wanted out. The place felt unwelcoming and the nurses in care weren't the "caring" type. Few things to note for Subi private. The food they offer is a chicken toasted sandwich. West Leederville did a deluxe ham salad sandwich. My drink was juice water coffee and I had to ask for a lemonade and all I was given new straws for. Given after care and off home I went. I'm currently on oxcodone, Celebrex and ceflexin for the next week. I have a review appointment next week. I'm not in much pain mainly just pressure and tension. I will include some post op photos and post op experiences later on. Hope this is informative and I am happy to answer any questions asked Have a great day ladies Xx
  8. 1 week until bigger boobs surgery. Do wonder what bra size I will be bumping up to
  9. Hey girls Consult was yesterday and we settled on mod plus 800cc mentor. He spoke about my current 500cc being dual plane (as in above and below muscle for placement) and how this surgery will be doing the same thing. He was happy to do larger and only asked me if I knew the risks pros and cons of my choice. He answered my questions and I felt at ease. He was thorough and direct. He has fracs in his header now so I believe he is now a plastic surgeon. Bring on the 3rd of April. Surgery is booked.
  10. So a small update. I have a consult with Cary kailis In Perth today at 3pm. I'm going to push for 900s but will settle for anything over 700 providing my measurements are ok. I followed @donatella and her journey with dona and I'm so excited that mine is also started to fruit. I'll update after consult
  11. I have heard from other doctors we should massage our implants and should be able to spin and move them to prevent capsules contracture and rotation
  12. 500cc smooth round. I was 70kgs when I did my surgery I bounced up to a 10f.
  13. Misstons I want to speak with people who have 600cc or bigger. I'm looking at 800c-900c
  14. Hey ladies! July this year I got 500c silicone smooth round modern plus implants under the muscle. I love my new boobs but I also now have boob greed. i want bigger. I want to speak with ladies who have 600cc plus what profile you went under over and substance. I will be looking at getting it april may next year so any advice or info would be great. Even better if you are bigger and have a wonderful surgeon in aus
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