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  1. Hey @Kismet, yea they have only now just started to look like that. They used to be perfectly in line both my natural breasts and my original augmentation. These symptom have only just started From all my research and how it feels I think it feels like bottoming out. I have spoken to three surgeons who have all given me different opinions and its starting to worry me. My original surgeon thinks they are perfect ehh, the second surgeon thinks its nerve pain I am experiencing and the third doctor thinks its a capsular contracture. I feel so confused and overwhelmed, thank you for your response @Wanting boobs
  2. Hi there, I've been having consultations with Dr Richard Theile for a revision. I'm from Sydney but have been flying to see him. He has a great bedside manner and seems to really care. Just trying to find other people that have had surgery from him. I've heard really great things about him so far ☺️. He is also a reconstructive dr.
  3. Hi there, I'm 25 and have had two breast augmentations performed in the United States and am now having complications with one of my implants (one of my nipples is now sitting really high and I'm feeling a really heavy pulling sensation in the bottom of the implant) I was wondering if any of you have been to Dr Richard Theile in Brisbane for surgery? Any information you all have would be muchly appreciated as I'm so scared about having to have more surgery
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