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  1. Not at all! My Korean isn’t perfect but there was an English-speaking assistant who followed me everywhere, was on every consultation and helped a lot. The bedside and follow up service was excellent with very friendly and respectful nurses and staff
  2. Yeah I actually got several surgeries at the same time but Dr lee worked only with eyes and nose and Dr Oh proceeded facial contouring
  3. The whole recovery took me 5 months or a bit more. The operation itself was about an hour under general anesthesia. I was quite afraid that anesthesiologist might do something wrong and I’d feel bad, hopefully had no complications. There was no need for me stay after the surgery but Dr. Lee insisted in order to follow up my results next morning. Surprisingly, the first night I had no pain or bruising. A funny gauze&band construction on my nose and cottons inside made it look bigger. After the first night I felt all “delights” of proceeded surgery: swollen eyes, discomfort while blinking, difficulties with breathing but everything was gone in the next few days. After removing cottons breathing became much easier. It was quite uncommon not to smell, not to feel the tip and the nose was blocked like during flue. I could completely adapt only after 1 week, the sense of smell returned and swelling noticeably reduced. Stitches were removed after 7 days and all unpleasant feelings disappeared. A few months after when swelling was totally gone, my nose was as we discussed during our consultation with Dr Lee and 6 months after I could see my final result
  4. No need to tell that Seoul is full of plastic surgery clinics and it’s extremely difficult to choose but most of them are too commercialized, that’s why I searched among locals. Hopefully I had enough Korean friends who knew not from rumors and ads which place is the best. I considered several places but went to BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery mainly because besides standardized pre-op medical check-up and analysis my surgeon Dr. Lee also asked to examine me on a special 3D equipment and from received shoots he explained every part needed to be improved in details. After his consultation I left the clinic full of confidence that BANOBAGI would be the right choice
  5. I got my nose job done 2 years ago in Seoul but I had too pointed tip and quite low bridge. Now my nose looks gorgeous!
  6. Definitely yes! I'd go through all this again if necessary
  7. severe swelling I had only the first week later only tip
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