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    Dr. Mark McGovern - 14th Nov 2018
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  1. @JD* I just had a look at your pics also, perfect boobs ? congratulations ? so good to hear your recovery is going well!
  2. @JD* Good luck for tomorrow ?? hope all goes well for you and looking forward to hearing you super happy and excited ? @Kalani so good to hear your out and loving your boobs ? congratulations ? hope your recovery is going well?
  3. @Tori14 you will be fine they will dose you up for the drive, best things I took were travel pillow for between the belt and new boobs and spew bag (hopefully you dont need the last one)
  4. @Frankie* Thank you ? Pain is brutal! Nausea sux and no sleep...feeling pretty ***** about now. My mate went in 2 weeks ago, same surgoen/implant etc and breezed through recovery, perhaps I am just a giant wuss haha. @Chook81 Thank you for your nice words they made me smile ? The Ergonomix look wicked on my mate whos 2 weeks in and I loved they were super squishy teardrops! You should be wrapped ? @Kalani yea they told me to wear them till I was mobile for a couple of days but ripped them off last night couldnt stand them.
  5. I got some pics together this morning, no sleeping going on here ? Hope they load. As you can see quite a substantial improvement ? Hoping they should behave and come closer together and drop over time but really happy with size! @Kalani your a Sunny Coast chick as well, awesome! Ill send you a FR now. Your next on the list too honey wooohoo boobies coming your way ? Edit: just realised I still had my sexy compresion thigh highs on hahah
  6. Hey all, out of my drug haze now so can text with both eyes open hahah surgery went perfectly apparently. I found out I am a cry baby, tough boss lady balled before I went in because I was scared and after surgery from the pain hahaha boobs look absolutely massive, stoked as! Heaps of pain, vomiting on the trip home but super happy with the result. High five Dr McGovern ✋ I will get some pics and proper update tomorrow. I HAVE BOOBS YAYAYAY
  7. Thank you @Frankie* @JD* and @Kalani ? Freaking out tonight...not as ready as I should be...feeling scared. Hopefully tomorrow I am a zen princess lol I will keep you all updated on how I go. Thanks for being an amazing support network guys, your all so helpful and kind I love it ??
  8. @Kaye I am feeling your pain! I am not allowed any eyebrows in surgery either hahaha I look somewhat like a zombie without makeup as well ?‍♀️ Good times ?
  9. @JD* 9:30 admission but no food/drink after 5:30am so ill be up at 5 ugh! Yea I am the same, hubby and the kids have a different idea on cleaning than I do so getting everything sorted as it will be a while before that stuff gets done again. Hubby practiced dressing me (for after surgery) this morning, it was so funny ? hes great at undressing me but sucked at dressing me hahaha
  10. @JD* Yep so close now ? getting everything ready over the weekend, cleaning the house, last min shopping for all the stuff I need for recovery. Bring on Wednesday woooohooo!!! I have my admission times and all the instructions, apparently gel nails are a non issue for anyone wondering.
  11. @Frankie* I own the business so can take the rest of the year off the tools but still in the office managing everyone. Doc said 3 weeks and I can go back to work...I am assuming hes never done a 9 hour day pushing a trowel around ? As @I HaveBoobs said, blokes will notice but hopefully their gentlemen about it and notice but dont behave like immature douchebags. It made me smile imagining you showing up like ‘what...oh yea my boobs are huge now, no biggie’ hahah Just own it baby and dont let any negative nellys make you feel bad, their just jelly!
  12. Hey @Frankie* I work in construction as well (on the tools though) and am nervous about the same thing, wondering how the boys onsite will react. I go in on Wednesday so this week I told some of the guys we work with regularly and they were all really nice about it so hopefully everyones not super weird haha. Have you told anyone your going in? Or you just going to show up with a lovely new rack ? ?
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