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    450cc ba
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    Dr Richard Rahdon
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  1. Melbmummy

    Lets talk...

    Agree completely with the ladies above! Before and after pics definitely help with the low days. I havnt seen your pics but i believe mummak has exactly the right advice. When i look at before pics i realize how much bigger i am now!
  2. Melbmummy

    Lets talk...

    @Ss84 im sorry to hear hun, i was in your shoes too. Before they sat normal so to speak i felt so unhappy and exactly that thought far out what i could have done with all that money i llearnt to love them and hope u do too. I am here if u want to msg me and have someone to talk to
  3. Melbmummy

    Loads of views no replies

    @sabP i tried to make it a happy post so all could share, nomatter the size of implants. Just wanted something fresh and some chit chat. honestly yes im looking at going up in size but hell if you have a boobie selfie to share then id love you to join. Boobs are amazing in every shape and sz i truly wasnt trying to b judgmental saying only big boobies 😜 I started off sz 12a (b if i could) and now im at 14dd havnt yet had an upsize SabP im just looking for a free place to talkabout boobs and b open with discussion. I have known about this page for 2+ years but only ever come on and try for discussion in last few wks so reakly just trying to open everyone up and make boobie friends xxx
  4. Melbmummy

    Loads of views no replies

    Just a quick one to ask why so many views on posts but no one replies?? Please everyone feel free to talk openly and freely. Xx
  5. Just having a look thru the gallery (massive perv yes 😜) I got 450cc and unders but looking at pics of some 400s and less im seeing boobs heaps bigger. Is there a massive difference in boob sz if under/over but same ccs?
  6. Melbmummy

    Lets talk...

    @Lynxuskitten to begin with i knew i wanted bigger boobs but at same time i didnt want crazy big as it was something i didnt want ppl to know (i felt it was something i was doing for myself and only 1 friend knew) but now 2 yrs on i wish id gone bigger. Now a few gfs know but are all happy for me but dont understand the need to spend $$ on boobs. Now going back a 2nd time looooooads of judgemental views so its something i again try keep to myself/hubby/ a gf and u guys 😜 Thanks ladies. I love to chat esp about boobs 😜 so was also trying to open up discussion window... Hubby is my bestest friend so if the 2 of us are on same page then for me its a no brainer. Will discuss with ps and go from there. I definitely want the bigger boobs and whilst hubby is morethan happy with what ive got hell he wont complain lol I think its just that im a talker and have so many ppl that voice negative opinions so ive tried reaching out on here. But always happy to chat so lets keep talking xx
  7. Melbmummy

    Boob greed

    Think its extremely common. I am 2yrs on after my surgery and desperately wanting bigger . Ive got an appointment with my surgeon next month to discuss.
  8. Melbmummy

    Cosmeditour GC Girls ( . X .)

    Hi @Frankie* welcome. Im from melb so of no help but im always up for a chat. Awsome decision and hope your as happy as i am with my boobs after i had them done!!
  9. Melbmummy

    Lets talk...

    Loads of views on posts but hardly any replies. So let's talk boobs... I got 450cc and now consideringgoing bigger. Boob greed is crazy. I have hubby on side but no one else (gfs) understands my desire. I was hoping id find some ladies to talk to on here
  10. Melbmummy

    2nd ba.. pros and cons

    2nd post after 2.5 years of coming back and forth here. Id love to hear others stories on 2nd ba. Ive got appointment next month to discuss 2nd ba id like to go up a few sizes.
  11. Melbmummy

    Melbourne Breast Aug Surgeon Recommendations?

    I can second dr Richard Rahdon. I had mine done from him 2 yrs ago and thought he waa fantastic.
  12. Melbmummy

    Want to go bigger...

    @Kismet she had hers done before me and like alot of us now wants bigger too. Im not sure why she said shed call but hasnt. I wanted to feel like a woman with boobs but now i feel like i have my same small boobs back and want to go up in sz.
  13. Melbmummy

    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    @Kayla89 can i ask what cc u got? Or what s you are now pls?
  14. Melbmummy

    Want to go bigger...

    Your awsome thanks lovely. Exactly what i hoped to gain from the post. Yeah i too come out of anesthetic awful. But i know its what i want, i think about it 24/7 and hubby is on board so why not!
  15. Melbmummy

    Want to go bigger...

    Thanks @misstons for replying to my post. First time posting since being on the forum. Its hard taking friends advice as the 1 gf i spoke to said id regret it. But all i seem to think about every day is going bigger. Im not a small chick and love feeling in proportion so definitely would like to go bigger now to feel like i have boobs if that makes sense. Thankyou again for your reply. Any extra pain on 2nd ba or just the same recovery?