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  1. Hi lovely ladies I’ve got my check up this arvo for my right boob that’s bottomin out ? anyone else had this happen and then gone up a size? also now that I’ve had this happen once ? is it likely to happen again or is it just bad luck ?
  2. Hey hun is 36 equivalent to a 14? If so then yes I can help share my experience with u i have since put on a few kgs ? but I’m a sz 14 chicky was 14b before my ba now a 14dd/e got 475cc unders absolutely love my body even more after my ba feel much more in prepation more lady like. Definitely had boob greed a year down the track lol what are you thinking of getting ?
  3. @Cornflakegirl21 how awful I’m sorry to hear its the worst feeling isn’t it can I ask... was the procedure same price as initial ba ? And recovery same? And did u need the repair done quick? As in not left for long
  4. Thanks hun and yay so excited for u!!! Here’s to a speedy recovery x I have 475cc teardrops
  5. Today I realized my right boob has bottomed out I’ve got my appointment next month to see my surgeon but in the meantime loudly freaking out would truly love to chat with others that have had boobs or boob bottom out ?
  6. Noticed my right boob has bottomed out well I didn’t know what was going on until talked with a gf i cant get into see my surgeon for 3 weeks and very loudly freaking out have I done something wrong??? Frick now I’m up for more surgery:( would really really love to hear others experiences with bottoming out please please pretty please x
  7. I called this morning so so sad looks like surgery needed
  8. Morning ladies woken up this morning and my right implant has sagged and I can actually feel the back of the implant from under my boob. the left isn’t like this and I’m freaking out :/ is this something to worry about??
  9. @mumma k looking amazing hun!! Yes school hols here ive got 3 kids (6,8&15) always full on trying to keep them all happy and busy @JD* it will b your turn soon luvvy xx @I HaveBoobs yay well done hun!! Nothing better than steppung stone goals and rewards!! Best way to do it for some ppl. I do the same! Ive got my first goal/reward at 7kgs - new gym gear!! Then 5kgs after for a new dress and 5kgs after for a small tat! Keep up the good work hun. Looking amazing too x @TheFox thats ok hun xx I got some pre work out drink from the fitness shop, start my day with a ba
  10. Love the way u put it sisters not twins!! Thankyou xx Yes warming up here too love the warmer weather!!!
  11. Lets all have some friday fun. Tell me something amazing about your wk, share a boobie selfie and lets talk the night away ... do you feel boob satisfaction? Did u get what u wanted from your ba ?? Heres mine but crazy uneven ? i thought it was the way i held the camera last time but just took this now and still uneven can u see it or is it just me?? I have had a great wk. Lost 3kgs and feeling positive! Had a great day with the kids yesterday and really looking forward to school holidays:)
  12. @RubyJadeDiamond do u have any pics to share? Even if u want to msg me? Pls x Yeah sadly id love to go bigger but 775cc is as big as the teardrops go ?
  13. @Kismet going up to 775cc as thats the biggest teardrops go to ? im just hoping i get the jump in sz im after as currently have 455/475cc
  14. @specialkkk run up to your local chemist and over the counter u can get 3 tablets to get rid of it. Xx good luck for tomorrow keep us updated xx
  15. Vent away hun xx Total disappointment for u. But positive vibes sent your way xxx
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