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  1. Thanks ladies ❤️ Will keep at it. And I totally thought about all the strippers haha
  2. Hey guys I’m just about to hit 7 months post op. I had a breast augmentation- under the muscle Recently I’ve decided to take up pole dancing for fitness, my first session was difficult (learning to use new muscles) *its so much harder than you think * Last night I did my second session I noticed some poses are really hard on my pec muscles, but I totally expected this. I tried not to push it too much. Today my breasts are still a sore, tingly, aching slightly. Im wondering if anyone else has started pole after a breast augmentation, and how the
  3. Hi guys! so TCI changes name due to legal action. ? Would you be canceling your appointments? I’m booked in next month for BA. Im worried, but I’ve also heard lots of great things about DR LEE. Has anybody had a BA with him ? If so, how was your overall experience? Thank you. Hoping to ease my mind ?❤️
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