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  1. Hi SabP, Thank you for your reply. Yeah he is amazing☺️☺️☺️☺️. Hi Wanting Boobs I have to say I totally agree with all words you said about him😜😜😜😜. Hi sabP and Wanting Boobs! Thank you very much for your posts and comments. I made sure to read all of them before my surgery. They were really helpful to me. Love all you guys😍😍😍😍.
  2. I had Dr Sam too and Words can not explain how happy I am after the surgery with Dr Sam
  3. Hi I had a surgery with Dr Sam on 13th June 2018. I have 330 cc hp anatomical dual plane, pre Ba was 10AA now 10C and words can not explain how happy I am. Dr Dam is amazing☺️☺️☺️☺️
  4. Sorry to hear your story. I had my surgery with Doc Sam. He is amazing. I am so over the moon with my new boobies.
  5. I had my surgery with Dr Sam. I really love my new boobies☺️☺️☺️☺️.
  6. I am so over the moon with my new boobies. Words cannot explain how happy I am now. I do not know how other girls feel however I felt extremely disappointed and I obsessed all the time about my boobs or lack thereof. When I was invited to parties, I always had to think what should I wear and it really bothered me. I denied myself from going to many parties in my life and I isolated myself from the world. I finally came to the conclusion to make some changes in my life to make ME happy. I believe we only live once so if anything bothers me in my life I will fix it😜. I have thought about this on and off for about 20 years and researched to decide on wether or not to have my boob surgery. I had hesitated for a long time. I was so scared of any ruptures, complications and CC etc... I used to work with many girls from over 100 countries. Most of them had their boobs done as well. I tried to talk to them about their results which was all in the positive. I also asked them things such as Which countries did they have their boob surgery? Who are their Doctors? And so on. The girls I had asked all had their surgeries performed in countries such as UK, Brazil, Thailand, Korea...etc Due to the nature of my work at the time, Even though their surgeries went as planned, I was still very worried if I got mine done and something goes wrong. When I just settled down my life in Perth for a few months. I also searched the best surgeons here. I had been to a few consultants because I would like to choose the best of the best Doctor with me hehehehe...😜😜😜😜. Those Doctors I met are good as their reviews. Finally I choose Doc Sam. I really connect to him☺️☺️☺️☺️. There are so many reasons make me really like him. To be honest I am a big big big big.... fan of him: I was really impressed his patience and kindness. When I first met him I ONLY GAVE him A LIST NEARLY 100 QUESTIONS to ask hahahahaha... (I know I really pain the ass😆😆😆😆). He answered all questions in my list. (Haven’t any other Doctor do that. They always said let them do their way first and then I can find my answers when they explained to me how the procedure going on. If still have time they will come back to my questions in my list).When I just moved to Perth for a few months I a little bit worried my accent was not very good that made him difficult to understand it is the reason why I wrote the list for him. However he is really empathetic person. He understood what I did say and What really concerns me. I really appreciate that. He is a kind hearted person that easy to talk and comfortable same with my English teachers☺️☺️☺️☺️. I was also impressed with his knowledge, genuine and caring attitude. He was very real about risk, benefits, advantages and disadvantages and never pushes you to have surgery, whether you do or don’t is up to you and he does not make you feel guilty. When I asked him about CC. If I have to do revision again Will he charge me? (CC is the most thing I concern it is the reason why I had been hesitated for 20 years to go for surgery. I really understood my body hahahahaha... really pain in my ass. My body is easy to react with anything hehehehe...). He said that if the patients need to do revision he will go through the reason and he will consider carefully before he charges any money to the patients . He feel sad from his heart to do that. When I listened to that I felt very touched. He really cares about his patients. I was sure at that moment he is the Doctor I am looking for such a long time☺️☺️☺️☺️. I love big size Hahahaha... however it has to be safe and natural as well. He will listen to the size I want and then give his advice. However I am happy I had listened to his advice about the size. My surgery is awesome. Doc Sam and his team are excellent. Their caring nature is very good after surgery. I always have following up appointments to check. He also gave me his phone number and asked me to contact him straight away if I have any concerns. I did not feel so sore after surgery. My skin is only itchy because it reacted with the tape and surgical bra (my skin is very sensitive I can not wear anything so tight 24/7. I am flat like tack before😆 so I had never cared what should I wear to support my bra before). When I felt itchy I texted him and He replied me and would like to see me straight away. I appreciate his caring and responsibility after my surgery. In conclusion, there can always be complications with any surgery. But I think if You have an excellent surgeon then the risk of any complications arising are very very very low. If your surgeon is experienced, cares for their patients and takes pride in their work you will be fine if things happen to go wrong. I am over the moon with Dr Sam. I highly recommend him🤓🤓🤓🤓. I feel that If any complications happen to me later in life then I am happy to accept because I think that even if the new enhancements only lasts for a few months or years, it has made my life soo much better than not having had the surgery at all. Ps: I am so sorry my post is too long for my thinking. Thank you so much for reading my story. Wish you all the best to your surgeries
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