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  1. Well, due to the coronavirus my housekeeper won't come. Well, there's nothing to clean here except dust, I have too much dust at home, maybe because clothes and books. Gladly, I've got a robot vacuum like this https://robotsnavigator.com/best-roomba-for-pet-hair/ last Christmas, it makes my cleaning routine less tedious.
  2. Hey everyone. Every hair salon in vicinity is closed so I have no options then cut a hair by myself. I've seen various clips on youtube already. But I also decided to ask here if anyone know how to do that at home. I also heard that you need best barber clippers you can find for that. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. Indeed. Kids love 'em! I would say that adults love this food too! Who would ever say no to these? 😁 My nephews visit me often because I always have pizza for them. And not just pizza from restaurant but own homemade smokey pizza made on my backyard oven as was mentioned on Pizzaovenradar by the way.
  4. Nice one. I always wear sports bra, so I haven't noticed any difference after 8 weeks, well except that my new bras are bigger 😄 Anyway, my gear consists of fast-drying supportive sports bra, sport leggings and running shoes for high arches just as was mentioned on Willpowerpeak.
  5. GHD is still a thing, I had one a few years ago. Now I have a versatile hot air brush, I mean it's versatile because I use it both for curling and straightening (depends on my mood). You can check hot air brush reviews here on on the web, I suggest you to at least try one of these brushes.
  6. Hey there. I though this might be still relevant. HSI is a great brand and I think it can be compared to GHD, which I like very much, here's an article about those https://mystraightener.com/ceramic-vs-titanium-hair-straightener/. Both brands produce ceramic and titanium straighteners, you haven't stated which one do you like more. The thing is that they differ and can be used for various purposes.
  7. That's actually sounds like my current diet? I would also suggest jogging and yoga, these really helped me to lose some pounds and I'm don't plan to stop. If you want to become physically active and lose some weight then check this page https://willpowerpeak.com/. There are interesting articles from healthy lifestyle addicts which help me to stay motivated.
  8. Hey everyone. I couldn't find an appropriate thread so I decided to make one here. The thing is that I've been diagnosed with arthritis and plantar fasciitis, that's related to feet problems if you don't know what's it all about. I have already been prescribed treatment and medication, I also found a source from which I learned that there are special shoes for people with same problem as I have. I also wanted to know are there any more ways to ease the pain without any surgery? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have an A-line bob and straightening brush works perfectly for me. But when talking about chin length, I think hot air brush would be a better choice (it can dry and style your hair at the same time). You can read different brand reviews on this blog (I've found it very helpful when choosing a straightening brush). Hope you'll be satisfied with whatever choice you'll make)
  10. I cannot disagree with that, they are sooo comfortable!! And I also prefer cotton and without push-up bras.
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