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  1. Renee369

    Breast Lift with Dr Sawjin Tew

    Just wanting to see if there is anyone out there that has had a breast lift with female Dr Sawjin Tew in Sydney and how your journey went/ costs and results! Thanks heaps
  2. Renee369

    BA + Lift with CosMediTour Australia

    Thanks for your response! @Ezza98 Its nice to know I’m not the only one out there with them haha. I just did some research on Dr. and his work looks to be great! Why did he recommend the lift and BA at different stages? I will get in contact with him/ his team and book in a consultation. Im also going to get my GP to have a look and see if they refer me to anyone in particular. Do you mind me asking how much the procedure was for you? Thanks!
  3. Hi Ladies, Has anyone out there been told they have Tuberous breasts and/or have had them corrected? For as long as I can remember I’ve had weird looking breasts and last year a surgeon mentioned I may have Tuberous Breasts after him looking at photos. I have been doing my research a lot lately and have come across a few surgeons who fix this problem, Dr Tavakoli in Sydney and Dr Moradi in Sydney (Through CosMediTour). Dr Tavakoli is quite expensive though, I’ve been quoted $18,500 for a BA + Lift which is what was recommended after I completed an assessment form online with photos. Has anyone had a BA with CosMediTour, if so which Surgeon and how much did you pay? Was there Medicare attached to it? Hope someone one can help me out!