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  1. @I HaveBoobs thanks babe that makes me feel a lot better about it
  2. Pre op and 10 weeks post op. 500cc Mentor high profile implant sub muscular placement. Am waiting for my right side to catch up to the left with d&f. Does anyone have any tips? Otherwise very happy with results
  3. Literally none of my colleagues have noticed at all it’s so funny! My size 10 blouses still fit! It’s like this big secret I have that no one knows about!!
  4. @devibear I’m still wearing post op ones and one zip up front one from Kmart which isn’t too bad. Have you had any luck yet? Also having some weird rib pain last couple of days in between my boobs- have you had anything similar? X
  5. @devibear I’m 6 weeks PO and out of curiosity went to get sized for a bra today... and I’m a 10F ?? I’m like you, I only want to wear wireless bras now post op too!
  6. @Mumma_S speak to the anaesthetist- I got a coldsore one day before surgery and he was fine for me to have the surgery. Just get onto eyesdrops and rest pronto. Someobe else mentioned the V shape pillow- it has honestly been a god send post op, and helps to sleep that little bit extra upright so morning boob isn’t as bad! @Mumma_S And panadol to prevent a fever will be fine too x Best of luck xz
  7. Thanks @Mumma_S I had a sub muscular placement. Ribs are a little sore today from surgery otherwise feeling ok!
  8. Hi ladies Just a little update- am home again now with bf. Surgery went really well, the surgeon met me there and marked me all up pre op. All the staff including Dr Stewart and anaesthetist were lovely and made me feel so comfortable, didn’t feel nervous at all. Next thing I knew, I woke up a couple of hours later! Had a delicious gf toastie and some orange juice. My BP was slightly low so got some extra fluids (I normally have BP on the lower side anyway). Dr Stewart came to check on me twice in recovery, and also the anaesthetist to see how I was feeling. I couldn’t see much, just my boobs from looking down. The best way to describe is I don’t feel pain, the skin just feels tight, that’s it! Dr Stewart said that’s pretty normal. My scars are small and are an infamammary incision they look really healthy. I had a peak of my twins when I got home in the mirror with the bra on- they look really good! I know they’ll change but they feel full and womanly, I feel really feminine again and so happy with the result so far. We ended up doing a high profile 500cc, they suit my shape really well. Have all my post op meds with me including oral antibiotics and getting ready for bed! will keep you posted xx
  9. @JD* The anaesthetist just text me (so nice!!) just to introduce himself and asking if I had any questions before my op tomorrow- I mentioned it to him, and he said he’s not concerned at all! So I’m feeling so much more relaxed now! All ready for the big day tomorrow!! *Didnt mention either, I had my final pre op appt on Thursday with my surgeon to go through any last questions or concerns I had. Anyway he did my measurements again, and my chest width grew since my last appt in March- so now 14cm wide on each side. We had a chat about implants again and he recommended I go up to a 500cc high profile instead of the original 485cc ultra high profile to better accomodate my chest width. We discussed it, and I’ve decided to go with the 500cc, as he said in his professional opinion that is what he would recommend. Will keep you updated post op! Xo
  10. @JD* @Melbmummy @DiamondC Thanks ladies. Got my bf mum to run me up to the chemist- got the 3 tablets and a topical cream. The pharmacists seems to think it should be ok for my surgery to go ahead tomorrow. Thanks again for your tips! X
  11. Hi everyone My BA is scheduled for tomorrow. I just woke up this morning with I think a cold sore - I’ve never had one before but given my research I think it is one I’m so upset- I don’t know if they are going to still allow me to have my surgery if it is a cold sore. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  12. @sggirl4ps Thankyou for sharing your journey- it has made me feel a lot more realistic for PO in terms of pain and what I will/won't probably feel like doing. Your checklist is super helpful too
  13. @sggirl4ps Good luck tomorrow can’t wait to hear all about your experience!
  14. @JD* HAHA I know it is probably the last thing most people would think about But we haven't seen each other almost 4 months! Will play it by ear and see how I go. Have no idea how the sleeping upright will go, I watched some videos on YOUTUBE and it looks so uncomfortable ?
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