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  1. Hi All, 8 months ago I had a BA and BL. Implants were 275cc. Post surgery I was extremely happy with my result. I was under muscle. My recovery was amazing, quick and relatively pain free. I have since sagged again. I have been back for a consult with Dr Hamish Farrow and he agrees that I could do with a “tightening” which he says isn’t uncommon after a lift. He said by adding the implant you are adding more weight to already sagging breast so it makes sense to require a further lift once they have settled. Has as anyone experienced the same thing? And ha
  2. I’m 10dpo and around my nipple incisions feels a mild burning feelings. Not sure if you breastfed but my nipples feel similar to the first few weeks of feeding where they are a little cracked and sore.
  3. Great news @JD* so so one week post op today and dressing removed yesterday (just steri strips on incisions) and I noticed today that I have a small amount of yellow seepage on my post op bra today. Does anyone know if this small amount of seepage is normal? No pain or anything else to be worried about. It’s just on one side and really small amount.
  4. @ezmesh so I am now 1wpo after an anchor lift with implants with Hamish Farrow. I can not speak more highly of him and his team. The procedure went well, results so far are great and recovery has been a walk in the park.
  5. 3DPO today ladies and all seems ok. I have stopped panadol and nurofen, went for a walk with husband and three kids to the park today. Able to pretty much do most things other than lift my little ones. Boobs feel a little itchy so I’m guess that is either skin stretching or incisions healing. I see Hamish on Monday to have dressings removed. I’m a little nervous about removing dressings, hopefully it isn’t painful!! I get a little squirmish! Shape is looking really good! I feel like my boobs are back to how they were pre breastfeeding 3 bubbas!
  6. @JD* that’s great news. It will be here and over before you know it. I still can’t believe my surgery is done. Spoke to Hamish this morning, we went with 275cc Mentor rounds. He said everything went great and I’m really happy with the outcome so far. Managing with panadol and nurofen but it’s more discomfort than pain. I had to come home with a drain still in my right boob and going to GP tomorrow to have it removed. Will keep you posted on recovery but so far so good. I’ve managed to have a shower, did my own hair and got dressed unassisted. I think Hamish is spot on with t
  7. So I made it out the other side!! Yay!! Surgery went well. I went in about 11.30 and woke up in recovery at 2. Yesterday I was pretty groggy from the general and chest felt heavy to breath. Amazing how I can breathe much easier and more freely this morning already. No pain as such, just tightness and a little discomfort. Hamish was great. I was pretty nervous going in and his bedside manner was so lovely and he really put me at ease. Not exactly sure with what I ended up having but they do look a little bigger than I thought. However I can see that there is a lot of sw
  8. Thanks @devibear @JD* @Chook81 All prepped and waiting to go in. I’m so nervous my hands are trembling. Just trying to stay occupied. Will keep you posted when I come out!!
  9. Hi Girls, just packig for tomorrow’s BA and BL. And suggestions of must have things to take to the hospital?
  10. So I have woken up with conjunctivitis (from the kids) as well as a head cold (coughing, running nose and sore throat). I’m hoping a bit of rest over the next 48 hours will help it all but I’m a little worried if it doesn’t theybwill cancel surgery. Dors anyone know how sick you have to be for them to cancel? And should I call surgeon tomorrow to discuss?
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Hamish keeps me in hospital overnight and said that I’ll be on a drip with pain relief and that will get me through the worst part of it (being first 24 hours) and then as you said, he very much pushes an active recovery. I’m a little skeptical about how easy he is making the recovery sound but I guess time will tell.
  12. Thanks for the tip!! Do you think it related to post op pain meds? At my last appointment Hamish said he doesn’t prescribe any post op meds, just Lansdowne and nurofen?? I seriously freaking out out about the recovery as D day approaches!
  13. I can’t believe this time next week I will be waking up with new boobs!!!!!!!!! Eeeek
  14. I am a week out from surgery so very excited and nervous. I will keep you posted with how it all goes.
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