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  1. Hi all! Sorry for the lack of updates. Been really busy with moving and going back to school. It's been 4.5 months and happy to announce that my boobs have dropped and fluffed a lot. For some reason, they look really good to me when I see them in the mirror but lopsided/uneven when I see photos of them bare. Not sure what to feel about that. My left breast also feels a little harder than my right one (it was the 'problem' boob). Overall I would say I'm 7/10 on a happiness scale - my scar placement is awful and not at the breast fold at all. Plus, I scar pretty badly usually so the red and raised lines are very obvious.
  2. The implant on the problem boob is still a little lower than I like but I’ll have to wait out and see how serious it is after the ‘normal’ boob has dropped completely
  3. Pretty good, check out my gallery pic for my updated D&F pic at 26 days! I feel pretty much normal now and can do all my daily tasks without feeling pain or needing assistance. Only issue is with my strength, I still can’t go 100% with my arms/chest. I went bra shopping today, measured at a 32DD/E and I’m so happy So sorry to hear that you had to reschedule your surgery so many times Hope everything goes well for your dental treatments!
  4. I tried to but they did not approve my request and said it was a question better suited for my surgeon ? I’m holding back visiting a local surgeon because we aren’t known for plastic surgeries, much less breast augs (I’m not in Aus). Plus, fees are ridiculously high - I could be looking at upwards of $10k and I simply do not have the funds for it.
  5. Thank you for the support ladies. I would love to see a local surgeon for a second opinion but unfortunately money's really tight and I'm not sure I can afford it. I'll be returning back to work Thursday and will start saving up for a possible revision. My Dr insisted that it isn't bottoming out and sent me some post op photos taken by the clinic to show that my left boob has been swelling more right from the start and explained that 2 weeks is too quick to make a judgement. How long do you ladies recommend that I wait out until I can definitively determine that a revision is required?
  6. Thanks all, I emailed him and to my shock, he said it was ‘just swelling’! I’m absolutely livid. Trying to send him more photos now. I’ve noticed asymmetry early on but figured I couldn't be expecting 100% symmetry right after surgery but now it’s very apparent that there’s a problem and my other boob isn’t just dropping slow. @LaurenT The gap is pretty normal for me imo, my pre op breasts were similar in distance. The thought of having to go back for a revision stresses me out so greatly especially since I’ll be alone (bf has to go back for school). Argh..
  7. Hey all, I’m trying very hard not to freak out now but can someone tell me if my implant is bottoming out?! I feel so sick to my stomach when I think of having to go for a revision. At first I thought they were just extremely asymmetrical given how slow my right boob was dropping but the breast fold on my left boob where the bottom of the implant is sitting is so sore and feels like an awful bruise even with a light touch. The location of the incision also seems off if that is how the fully dropped look is supposed to be. I’m really sad and worried sick now. Emailed the Dr already but I just want some extra eyes :’(
  8. Thanks ladies, you’re all so wonderful and reassuring! ❤️
  9. Thanks @sabP and @JD*, it’s hard not to scrutinize them every single day but I’ll try ? RE: numbness - I haven’t done any heavy lifting, I’ve been carrying within my means so not sure what’s that about. Maybe just my nerves acting weird.
  10. Pretty good! I’m able to wash my hair and wear clothes on my own now, though I have to do it slowly. Also doing much better at getting into and out of bed on my own. But I’ve been experiencing some weird numbness in my hands/arms. Also lots of weird itchiness - like I’ll feel an itch in my chest area and then I’ll scratch around but the itch doesn’t go away...and then I discover awhile later that the itch was actually in my ankle or something. ? I know it’s way too early to make an accurate judgement but my left boob seems to be really lagging behind in terms of dropping also
  11. @emkitten2217 How was your surgery today?! Hope it went well!
  12. Hi all! Just had time to do a proper review/update about my surgery experience which you can read about here - I have uploaded some B&A photos in my private gallery, if you would like to see my photos, please send me a friend request! Thank you all for being so supportive throughout my journey
  13. @Mumma_S Not for me at all. I couldn’t even get out of bed myself the day after surgery. My few days after surgery was: ‘Wake up > Eat meds > Eat > Watch TV for about 15-30 minutes > Sleep’ and repeat because I was SO low on energy. But apparently some people were able to get up right after surgery and go out to do things (probably with the help of very strong painkillers). I stopped taking them after the 3rd day. I also found it impossible to wash/do my own hair since my back/armpit area hurt so much to lift my hands up, I can’t imagine having to use force (will make use of your pec + back muscles) to scrub my hair. But then again, this is just my personal experience. The nurse told me that since I was young, I wasn’t able to tolerate the pain as much which was why I felt so much pain. I’d say best to strike a balance as moving about gets your blood flowing but rest is also a must for your body to recover.
  14. @Mumma_S Heaps better than the awful night for sure. I’m on my ride to the airport now for my flight back, I’ll make a proper update in the morning with pictures hopefully! I’ve removed my bandages and got a good look at everything + the scars I still need a little help getting in and out of bed but everything else (walking, wearing bottoms, flushing the toilet etc) isn’t too hard. I went to a salon to wash my hair today and had it braided up since my bf won’t be around for the next couple of days.
  15. All the best @Chook81! I’m sure you’ll be fine. It was my first surgery ever too and it didn’t really hit me until they had put the needle through my hand to administer the GA. All I remember after that was ‘You’ll fall asleep in a few minutes’ and then I woke up in the recovery room. Just breathe well and have confidence in your surgery team!
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