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  1. I understand how you feel, i feel lost, sad and mad at my body. I ask myself why did this happen to me? I close my eyes while changing my shirt or putting on a bra to avoid looking at them, mine are long and triangle, i compare them to cow utters. I feel like this might be more common than we think it is, but some women are just scared to speak up
  2. Im 25 and since i was about 16, i noticed my breasts were not the same as other girls. I have cried alot and i have been self conscious everyday, my breasts do not fit in cupped bras, in bralettes they take on this weird shape if you look from the side. I have been thinking of maybe getting surgery, it might lift me from my depression of waking up and seeing myself in the mirror. I wouldnt want them to become huge, i just want them to have more tissue, fix my areola (as it gets big and puffy) and make them round. If you have gotten yours done could you tell me how it went?
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