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  1. Congratulations on making the decision, you actually will have more confidence when you have it done. I did mine and the results are amazing i did it in Thailand as well but with a different doctor. Wish you the best of luck. Keep us updated on the journey.
  2. Im doing research into BBL and came across this forum really informative at first i was looking in Australia and Thailand but now i will start to look into Brazil as well, the pricing seems to be a lot better than the Australia pricing, but unsure about not seeing the before and after prior to getting it done. Any one know apart from the surgeons website where else online can i get more information? thank you
  3. Hi Whats the price for BBL in Miami? Im looking to get BBL and doing a few research for the procedure. Thank you
  4. Hi I'm looking into BBL and wanted to ask what other surgeon does this well in Australia, I do really like to work of Dr. tavakoli in the image above but on his instagram there is mainly breasts is there another place i can check out his work ? Any others to recommend? Thank you
  5. Hi there, best of luck with it please do tell us how you went. I had my BA in Thailand as well its been 4 years and still super happy.
  6. Hi Sarahm im not too sure about these doctors but i got mine done 4 years ago in Thailand would love to know your experience. Best of luck.
  7. Hi all, i have actually previously had it done in Thailand to be honest i was very skeptical at first, but was the best decision of my life. I had made a list of doctors below but i ended up selection Dr. Nopadol maybe this list will help others when doing their research. Grand Esta Institute - Dr. Nopadol Viyangkoon was assigned but know they have a few options contact +66834718374 Yanhee Hospital - No doctor was assigned +6628790300 Kamol Hospital- Dr.Kamol +6625590151 Bumrungrad International Hospital - There was no doctor assigned, so think they have a few options +6620668888 Masterpiece Clinic - They assigned me Dr Wutthiwat Anupansawang +6621054370 Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Dr Pichet Rodchareon +66626262362 Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) - with the option of Dr.Burin Wangjiraniran aor Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm +6 They are all very reputable in Thailand and can say from experience (and it has been 4 years now) that Thailand is one of the top places to get it done. I had a few friends that i refereed the list too for their search so best of luck.
  8. Hi do you have any updates on lipo and your fat tansfer would love to hear the updates. Thank you
  9. Hi, Would love to hear how it actually went. Do you have any updates? Im looking to get lypo done as well and would be great to hear it from someone who already had this done.
  10. Hi did you end up getting the lipo suction done in Australia? Would love to hear how it went. Im looking to get it done as well.
  11. Hi, i'm looking to get Fat transfer/lipo to brazilain butt lift do you guys know if Dr.Pichet can do this ? So far the places and surgeons i have looked at is in LeLux, Naravee and Grand Esta in bangkok. Where is Dr.Pichet located?
  12. Best of luck, will be following the thread to see your updates
  13. What about insurances from the states have you tried them ? I heard some will insure for procedures for overseas cases.
  14. Hi all, I would like some advice to see if any knows about Brazilian Butt lift using fat transfer. Iam very interested in this and wanted to know which place or surgeons is best for this. I have had BA done in Thailand and it was fantastic but i want to know my options for BB either in Thailand or Australia. Im looking at the same surgeon that did my breast but would prefer to go to one that specialisize in Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer or do you think with implant would be best? Thank you
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