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  1. I actually went to Naravee to get dimples on my cheeks wondering how is he with breast implants do you have updates ? im looking to get breast implants done but unsure if Naravee suited me from the last visit. Would love to hear about it.
  2. Im not too sure about going to an agent i would probably just go directly to the hospital or contact the doctors themselves
  3. Hi did you end up getting more information i know it is quite a long time ago that you posted im trying to look for more sources to find more info on lipo
  4. Did you end up doing both with the same doctor ? if so what was the cost and how di it turn out? any recommendations ?
  5. Hi Im looking out for BBL as well please do share your experience will be very interested to know if you already did it.
  6. Hi Is there anywhere where i can find before and after images of lipo with doctors in Thailand ? or where can i find Dr.Phicets previous work online.
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