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  1. Did you get dermal blocking injections ( a few in in your gum/lip to block the feeling in your lips)? That made it way less painful for me. Iv had my lips done 3 times and am going in for a top up tomorrow. I find it takes 5-7 days for the bruising to go away. I didn’t have bruising all over my lips just some spots. I put bruising cream on liberally, which helped. And I covered it with a good coverage natural coloured lipstick when I was around ppl. But did find it awkward at work, as I couldn’t keep the bruising covered all the time, e.g, eating and drinking etc. The swelling usually takes about 1-2 weeks to go down for me. But the swelling went down a lot in the first 3-5 days. I was advised to put ice on it straight after with a cloth around it for 20 mins x 3 with a 20 min break in between, making sure not to burn the lips with direct contact with ice. The cosmetic nurse once hit a little vein in my lip so it bruised more, which can happen. But she is getting to know my lips and remembered that the next time. Your body metabolises the filler a lot the first time (even though I apparently hold it well) and they do get smaller, especially the first time, but as I keep getting top ups of 1/4 to half a ml it is holding better, which i was told would happen in my first consult. The place I go you go for your initial filler, then a review after two weeks when the swelling has gone down to check how they are and add any filler if needed. I kind of wish they were as big as some stages of my swollen lips. My sister-in-law law is a cosmetic nurse who works for a popular cosmetic place, so she gives me lots of advice and does my lips. So I trust her work/advice.
  2. @DiamondC they do look amazing!!! Amazing cleavage! Best wishes @AllyT ?
  3. Oh good I’m glad to hear. It helped me to hear that from @JD* also prior to surgery. Yes keep us posted on how you go next week
  4. It is exciting!!! You’re welcome to pm me if you need to chat about anything. I’m on day 3 post op and am still not feeling pain. Just discomfort of heaviness of boobs, and not being able to pull or weight bare on my arms. But you find alternate ways to do some things! And I have only had Panadol occasionally since coming home. I thought I would be in lots of pain and bed ridden. So I’m very pleasantly surprised that I can do lots of day to day light tasks independently. I think the worst of it for me is not being able to sleep on my back. However I had 8 hours of sleep last night waking only once on my back!! Thanks to about 5 pillows all around me ?. Oh and bloating has been uncomfortable, but getting better today. I totally understand that recovery is a different experience for everyone for a number of reasons. But for me the surgery and recovery experience has been so much better then I had ever expected! Staying overnight in hospital too and the care provided by the nurses I think sped up the recovery and put me at ease for when I got home. So @AS1 you are truly in good hands with Dr K, the anaesthetist and the nursing team. If that helps at all ?
  5. Oh wow I’m feeling some grief and loss about being able to sleep on my side for a while!! It’s tough changing your position when you’re so used to it. It will be tough, but worth it (I say that after just 2 nights ?)
  6. Thank you @AS1, it will be you next week!! You will be in good hands! Nice to know it’s not just me!! I had a nap at home today and arranged pillows all around me lol. Was a lot comfier. Sleeping at home is sooo much better!! Even if it is on my back
  7. Thanks @I HaveBoobs. Yes I did have local anaesthetic. Makes more sense today. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t sleep until 2am with the nurses coming in, and so uncomfy for multiple reasons (tubes, bed on a 30 degree angle, sleeping on back). Need to get used to sleeping on my back as I always sleep on my side. Anyone have that issue? I put pillows on either side and that helped after reading about it. It’s probably been covered in the thread somewhere.
  8. Oh good! I asked the nurse and she said the other 5-6 girls who had surgery today are feeling the same also. She said the anaesthesiologist probably put together a good balance of meds. My belly is so bloated though. But from what iv read that’s normal. I have degas tablets from home that the nurse said were okay to take. That has helped a bit. Roll call List is getting shorter!!!
  9. Thanks heaps ?. Went into surgery at 830 this morning with Dr K. Staying overnight in hospital. I’m feeling okay so far. Haven’t felt pain. I haven’t had strong pain meds since the morning. Napped for a few hours after surgery. But had my parents and husband with me, and have been normal (besides usual limited mobility). I didn’t expect to feel this okay after. I wonder if it’s the anaesthetic?? Has anyone experienced this and then the pain hits later or something? I haven’t asked for any more meds yet. @JD* sounds similar to your experience?
  10. Thanks so much @Tori14 and @Olivia81. Apologies iv been a bit absent from the thread. I have been really busy getting married and then honeymoon, then got food poisoning when I got home yesterday! But luckily I’m well just in time. Had just today to get the house in order etc. Has been busy! So I probably haven’t had much space to dream or think about surgery until today. Glad you are feeling better Olivia ?. The initial boxy look I know will annoy me too, but it’s comforting to see from others pics how they soften over time! Just like yours will.
  11. lol how annoying to wake up with a belly after all that! My hunger and thirst tolerance is low so I will struggle! Happened when I got my wisdom teeth out and it was so hard to not think about water lol no matter how much I distracted myself it was all I thought about! But this forum is great to have more details of some things that will most likely happen so we know what to expect ?
  12. Aww you’re in a difficult position. I didn’t realise you weren’t in Aus also. I need to change by surgery date to the 8th December. Am pushing it forward a week to fit in a honey moon before it ?
  13. I really feel for you also what a tough situation. I would agree with the others about going to a local surgeon if you can
  14. Aww often the uncertainty of not knowing can be one of the hardest parts. I would try calling the surgeon to try and get a quicker response.
  15. Hi ladies I have a date to add to the roll call, I just booked a surgery date for the 1st December 2018 with Dr Kollias ?
  16. Thank you for responding. The more I read these forums the more I have read about so women being happy with him. I will join the thread. Thanks again
  17. Thank you for sharing your story and your pictures. I’m at the start of my journey of consults and picking a surgeon. So the photos and details you provided really do help with the decision making process. I’m wondering how they look now? As your pics were taken very soon after your surgery. They look great btw ?
  18. Hi, I too would find it really helpful to see before and after pictures by dr kollias. I’m finding it difficult that Adelaide surgeons don’t have any pictures on the net of their work. I’m booked in for a consult with Dr Kollias in a few weeks. I really wanted to see Dr Michael Miroshnik in Sydney as he has so many pictures of amazing boob jobs. But the price was $14500, plus travel, which is over my budget. I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Kollias’s work in pics at the consult. I had one consult with Dr Katsaros, and didn’t feel comfortable or confident having my surgery with him. I’m considering a consult with dr mark Moore too. It would help a lot if anyone can show before and after pics by Adelaide surgeons. Is very hard to decide and the consults will add up cost wise.
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