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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Tavakoli 17/09/18 with 475cc corse motiva ergonomix
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    157cm, 52kg, 10B

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  1. Not really, I gave up and custom ordered a crop/sports bra from Colieco Lingerie as her lingerie is made from scuba jersey, which is quite firm. But I found that doubling up on Calvin Klein crops, wearing my usual size m and the smaller size s over it works well enough to support me in the interim as I only lift weights at the gym. The frustration with bras is making me feel a bit like I went too big ? hopefully this feeling will resolve once I've got prettier bras as I'm a massive fan of lingerie and wearing these ck crops all the time is making me feel too unsparkly! Another brand I'm likely to try is Ohlulu Lingerie on Etsy as she makes the bras to order and you can select the underbust and bust measurements to fit you. Yep, sternal pain is normal, feels stabby and sharp right? It's just nerves reconnecting as the sternal swelling goes down xx
  2. Yeah they are massive hahaha. I love it! I wear wireless bras/bralettes but with my new chest additions I worked with the designer to add supportive elements to make sure my boobies age well. I've got an order with a new designer I'm trying out so I will let you girls know how I go but if any one wants to try her out, her brand is ColieCo lingerie. Bralettes are a lot more forgiving with size fluctuations as I think I might not be at my final size- shape yet. You're almost there @JD* !! Pretty boobies soon!
  3. Well, after my 6 week check up I have now completely given up on buying bras from stores. I v'e always purchased made to measure bras online and I have decided I will continue to do so as they are in fact cheaper than anything I can find in person and are of better quality. I did get sized while I was in Sdyney at Brava Lingerie, and have to thank them for their incredible help...I'm a size 8F apparently lol. Goes to show you can't trust a tape measure for a 3D object as every bra fits differently.... Anyhow, I am in total love with my boobs, Dr Tav did an amazing job and I love them more and more everyday xx
  4. Both wired and non-wired I've tried, the stretchy crops are still the most comfortable to wear everyday as the cups on non wired don't stretch much so the t-shirt bras I tried weren't fitting right too. I am still quite firm so you are right ; I've resigned myself to wearing ck crops for the next few months? Yes, I believe mary holland stocks panache so I'm keen to give them a visit when I head to Sydney. I would be almost 7 weeks by then and I can start properly going to the gym if Dr Tav gives the all clear. So the main problem is finding that sports bra. I'm itching to go back to exercise as I really miss it and am starting to feel really low without my weekly gym routine which isn't great for my stress levels.?
  5. I'm going to be 6 weeks PO on monday, will probably go get sized at Mary Holland in Sydney when I fly in for my 6 week appointment. I still haven't been able to get my hands on a comfortable sports bra that doesn't feel like it's going to suffocate me and squeeze my boobs so tightly I feel like they are going to burst lol. No one seems to make anything past a 10DD/E and while I can fit in some I feel they might actually do more harm than good. Have you had any luck in finding a sports bra? I heard the brand panache is good for big boobs with small bands but I haven't been able to find anywhere that stocks them in Adelaide. I've tried Berlei, Triumph, Lululemon but nothing fits right
  6. @WambuidarlingI did end up getting Motiva ergonomix with Dr Tav, as my anatomy was suitable for both round and anatomical implants. Motiva has been used for a while outside Australia and seems to have a very good reputation which was why I wanted them. I'm 4 weeks post op right now and they are getting softer every week, will be really squishy by the time they have fully settled I think. I had a lovely experience with Dr Tav and his staff are so wonderful too. Dr Tav really knows what he is doing and my breasts look great even this early on. I recommend him 100% as he has given me exactly what I wanted, they look so fab!
  7. @JD* congrats! You must be so excited!!! So I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and just got the go ahead to start lower body workouts next week. I went to get sized for a new sports bra/normal bras and I measured a 10E ? I'm extremely happy as that was my requested size, but also a bit worried that they might actually turn out bigger than expected after D & F.... 10F is not a usual size found in stores... I also looked massive in underwire bras which I can wear in 2 weeks but I think I'll pass on them for now as I prefer the look and feel of wireless bras both pre-op and post op, wired bras are such torture contraptions ?
  8. Yay for new boobies! I'm glad you don't have much pain xx Active recovery is definitely a top recommendation, muscle movement is what gets the lymphatic system circulating, flushing and removing excessing fluid and waste products, which brings the swelling down in your body while you are healing P.s, It's why we girls get morning boob cause we don't move much during the night lol
  9. Sending lots of love for your surgery today @teatime and @Mumma_S!
  10. @DiamondC I have 475cc corse motiva ergonomix I believe my BWD is 11cm, so with my implants they are 11.75cm base width so I'll get lots of side boob. I have a very narrow clevage line too so I think they are going to look really fabulous once they've dropped. I'm only 157cm and 52kg, so I got massive boobies haha. I'm having the worst day today... I fly back home in a few hours and the journey to the airport has been terrible having to deal with my luggage. I'm lucky everyone has been kind and helpful. The lady manning the check-in placed me up front and in an aisle seat since I told her I just had surgery a few days ago and am afraid I won't be able to get out if she place me in a middle/window seat. She looked quite worried and asked if I was cleared to fly, so I must have looked terrible lol. I've dosed up on the endone and will be taking a valium right before I get on the plane so I hope I'll survive this ?
  11. Thanks for explaining hun xx I also have extra high profiles I think, the motiva corse, so I know they can look lovely I happen to love side boob so that's probably a difference in our aesthetic choices. Best of luck with your surgery in October, I know the wait is torture but you will soon have your new, wonderful and beautiful boobies ❤❤❤
  12. Who is your surgeon DiamondC? I find it surprising that he would leave a 2cm gap between your BWD and the implant base as I thought that the recommended technique is not to go 1cm wider or narrower on either side. I'm just picturing victoria beckham's first set of implants...Wouldn't that leave an extremely large space inbetween your clevage? And with the UHP, isn't there chance that you'll get torpedo boobies? ? I'm sorry to question it, but it doesn't sound quite right to me!
  13. @MissS Please always go with a qualified plastic surgeon, they have trained for years and years for this type of surgery. I would say surgeons might not always have the greatest bedside manner, but what matters the most is that in the operating room they are the best and most skilled at what they do. You are paying them top dollar for their skill, training and experience in the surgery of choice, not their bedside manner. I wouldn't trust my breasts in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon, not for something so life changing and with such a high risk of disfigurement. There are many horror stories on this forum about cosmetic surgeons botching up BAs. I have nothing against cosmetic surgeons, I just do not think they should be performing such a highly delicate procedure without the proper training. Dr Miroshnik has a great reputation both in this community and internationally and from his photos, he always seem to produce beautiful and natural looking breasts results with balanced clevage and side boob. He was one of the surgeons I was contemplating for my surgery, but because I wanted a more augmented/big look, I went with Dr Tavakoli. I've just had surgery with Dr Tavakoli 4 days ago, so I'm going to shamelessly recommend him to you. He is very experienced in both natural and big breast augmentations, the results of which you will see on his instagram page, just look up his name. He does what he calls the 'mini boob job' which I think is what you are after. I am extremely happy with my results as he gave me exactly what I wanted. As an aside, my consult felt rushed as well, and I think the reason why was because as soon as I showed Dr T my wish photos, he knew exactly what to do, so he wasted no time in getting the prep done. As always, surgeons are happy to answer questions, just be prepared about them, write it down etc to ask during the consult, and should you forget and have any other questions their team are always happy to field them for you I'm sure Dr Miroshnik is the same. Reputable plastic surgeons have moved on from polyurethane implants, and from my asking around are using either mentor or the next generation motiva implants. Like @sabP said, if you're not sure, consult with more doctors, as even though it might get expensive, getting a revision down the road from a botched job would be a way more expensive than getting your first surgery absolutely right and perfect, since fixing a bad first surgery is a complicated process and it might not be possible to get it completely right the 2nd time round.
  14. @Mumma_S Just as @I HaveBoobs and @JD* said, once you get past the first 3 days you'll be much better If you're staying in the hospital that's better and I'm sure they will make sure you are well taken care of. I was discharged on the day of surgery and only had an overnight nurse with me who left the morning after, so the past few days I've been dealing with everything on my own since I'm an interstate patient Once you're out just make sure you're on top of the pain meds, don't wait till it hurts before you take something, it would be too late by then. I wrote down all the timings for when I took my meds so I made sure I was always overlapping slightly on them and never had a window where I was without medication. I did slip up a few times and it was not pleasant to say the least. You will be fine, and have beautiful and wonderful boobies ❤❤
  15. It's related to the endone, it's a really strong opioid for use only for serious pain but has a side effect of giving you constipation. I've used it for 3 days and I'm trying to wean off to only night time use since it can be addictive. I'm on valium, panadol and antibiotics atm, alternating the valium and panadol. Valium is a muscle relaxer so it does help a lot. I'm not sure why he's not prescribing more pain killers, I can tell you it bloody hurts like f*ck the first 2 days, especially at night and right in the morning. You'll want to get up and walk it off as soon as possible so the lymphatic system can drain the fluid build up from over night. And also neurofen seems like a bad choice since it's a blood thinner/ cause bleeding? I'm not sure. The doctor who prescribed the medication for me was the anesthetist, so you might want to ask him/her. Active recovery is very important, so don't sit still for too long or the swelling will get bad. I'm an occupational therapy student so I'm putting into practice everything I've learnt since my line of work revolves around gaining function/compensating for everyday activities. Gentle movements in the arms and shoulders will help the implants drop and give you less stiffness, as well as make you feel better over all. Opening doors might be a problem post op, so my tip is to tuck your elbows in to your sides so you only engage your biceps when pulling and just walk backwards. Use your feet/legs if you have to! I've had a pretty easy recovery compared to a lot of the other girls I've read about here so I'm really blessed!
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