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    Annual leave or sick leave

    Yeah that makes sense. Im just worried because someone from work is having surgery that they need to have and my boss, well he owns part of my workplace but hes the one that approves annual leave and everything as well, but he told the person at my work who needs to have surgery that she needs to bring in a doctors certificate to prove that she needs to have surgery and the amount of time she'll need to have off work before he can approve her annual leave for her time off. To me thats a bit messed up and he shouldnt of done that but with him doing that, it's made me think about not even considering telling them anything or applying for sick leave/personal leave purely because i dont want to go through all the drama of getting doctors certificates and them possibly finding out what im doing. I really would like to apply for annual leave but the pickle that im still in is, ill be applying to have roughly 2-3 weeks off when ive accumulated enough hours but im still scared that it wont get approved. Im not sure if its a requirement when applying for any sort of leave to have a reason for why youre taking annual leave for but i always do, in saying that i dont know what id write down for my reason why im taking 2-3 weeks off for. I was thinking of just saying that im going on a family holiday overseas or something but i want to make sure that it'll 100% get approved because ill have to secure my surgery date before i apply for annual leave and ill need to apply for annual leave so it fits in with when i have surgery. I was considering taking peesonal leave as it fits in perfectly with what my situation will be after i get it done but after reading this little bit below i wouldnt be approved for personal leave would i?
  2. SmallTits101

    Annual leave or sick leave

    I'm planning on having a breast augmentation early next year. My work/boss is a bit unpredictable and im stuck on what to do. I'm tossing up between taking annual leave and sick leave to have my augmentation but i dont know what one to take as they both can back fire and not work. I don't want to take sick leave and have to tell them why I'm taking it for two weeks and then have to prove it by giving them a doctors certificate because i don't want everyone at work to know. I don't want to take annual leave beacuse i don't want to not get approved for it and then i can't have surgery because i can't get time off work. Someone please help a girl out and tell what one you think i should take and what will actually work. I'm so stuck and nervous on what to say and what type of leave to take as i want to make sure that i 100% get time off. I work in child care and i neeeeed to have the two weeks off, please help me.