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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have very little tissue to start with so I'm afraid I won't be cushioning the firmness at all. I'll friend you right away to check your pics
  2. @pink butterfly hi, I'm geting anatomical soon and was wondering if they feel harder when you're laying on your back... This is my only fear. TIA!
  3. Hi, I'm Andrea, 29 years old, mom of 2 breastfed children and wanting to go for a ba this October. I live in Europe and I went for a consultation a couple of months ago, the PS is very skilled and recommended anatomical implants, mentor Cpg, 295 or 330cc but I'm a bit afraid they'll be too firm. I'm currently an A cup and I have read they feel hard when lying on your back. Is that true? Could anyone help me? Are they hard or just firm? Also, do they look weird when lying down as gravity shifts 90 degrees but not the shape of the boob? I really love the results I'
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