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  1. Hi there, I have only come across this forum today and have done a lot of reading! I am glad I did. My story, At the end of last year I went overseas to have a BL and BA after having 2 children. Everything went fine and I came back to Australia. Around a month or so ago, I developed what was thought to be seroma, Last week I had to go into emergency surgery to have the lump removed. the surgeon removed the lump as well as a good amount of breast tissue which was infected. Yesterday, I was called back into the hospital and told that I have an Atypical micro bacteria which was most likely contracted while getting the surgery done. The surgeon back at home has now recommended that I have both implants removed as well as a lot of the breast tissue on both breasts to remove the infection. As you could imagine, this is a horrible shock to me and I am very scared about all of this. Surgery is booked for the start of September in the public system. From what I have been told, within 12 months I should be able to get my boobs fixed which will require reconstructive surgery but it will be quite invasive I have spent almost 24 hours straight researching plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Queensland as well as the rest of Australia to try to get the VERY best care and outcome in the end. I have found that it is so very hard to find legitimate reviews and recommendations as a lot of surgeons are also affiliated with cosmetic tour companies or other cosmetic surgery companies, so a lot of the details are more hype than fact. So far I have found a few options which look good hear on the gold coast (but I really want the best of the best) so if anyone has some great recommendations I would love to hear them! So far the doctors are: Dr Mark Doyal - Gold Coast (I found an article that he was being sued due to doing breast surgery without consent but have not been able to find an outcome on that) Dr Luke Stradwick - Gold Coast ( I have read a lot about him being arrogant as well as his team, this has turned me off using him) Dr Raja Sawhney - Director of plastic surgery at Gold Coast University Hospital and has his own clinic (He did the original emergency surgery and I have not found anything bad to say about him) - My current pick. Dr Craig Layt - Gold Coast (Apparently a good surgeon but have not looked into him yet) Dr Kourosh Tavakoli -Sydney (Seems to be a high profile surgeon and almost famous in the space, but seems to have great results with his clients and is innovative) I was wondering if I were able to get any advice on my current list as well as extremely talented surgeons in Australia no matter the expense. This is my first post on the forum and I thank everyone in advance for any advice you are able to give! Thank you for providing a forum like this! Regards Jreece
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