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  1. There’s some eyes brows under there I’m just used to seeing them filled in everyday! I’m sure we will feel like zombies after surgery aswell so we will suit the look!
  2. Is it possible to sneak a little low key makeup into theatre or is it an infection thing? I will not look human without eye brows
  3. Awesome! He's very lovely. I got in early thinking he would have a big wait list and thought it would be hard getting an appointment. But had my first consultation Tuesday and he emailed me the quote that night and managed to get In Friday for my second consult surprisingly and booked my surgery date early to make sure I got the date I wanted. Really excited for the surgery day and so happy knowing I'll be in the hands of saint andrews hospital and be able to relax there overnight.
  4. Hello Everyone! I've recently had two consultations with Dr Kollias in Adelaide and have booked my surgery the 1st of December!! Whoop Whoops!
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