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  1. Hi guys - if anyone has heard recent quotes from Dr Eddie Cheng I would love to hear. I've heard around $8,000-9,000 on this forum but the website states from $10,500
  2. I just made a consultation to see him in October, looking forward to it they seem like they can squeeze you in for the surgery as well if you really want it ASAP!
  3. Yes I think I will definitely go see him for a consultation, do you know if he was fully booked out until December for surgery?
  4. How much did he quote you? if you don't mind me asking, and were you a normal case?
  5. Thank you for that, was really helpful! Did you have a consultation with Dr Cheng as well?
  6. Thank you !! Anyone have good reviews on Dr Philip Richardson or Dr Eddie Cheng?
  7. Hi everyone, I am based on the Gold Coast and looking to do a BA either late this year or early this year. Willing to travel to Brisbane as well. So far these are the places I am looking into. Dr Ian Chinsee - through Esteem Cosmetic Studio ($5,500) CosmediTour/Breast Academy (varies from $5,000-8,000) Dr Mark Kohout - through Australian Cosmetic Clinics ($7,500) Dr Eddie Cheng - through AR Plastic Surgery Brisbane. (supposedly $8,300 however website advertises as $10,500) Dr Ian Chinsee is based at both Esteem Cosmetic Studio ($5,500) and Australian Cosmetic Clinics ($7,500). Any idea why the price difference is so huge? Any recommendations or positive/negative reviews please let me know! ☺️
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