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  1. Thank you both. I am seriously so happy! I’ve been strapping them down for runs and exercise but I’m sooo paranoid about them dropping ? I love them so much I don’t ever want anything to happen to them haha
  2. Hi everyone thought I would stop by for an update. I’m 9 weeks post op and love my boobies! I’ve gone from a 10C to a 10E with 455cc ultra high profile overs. Love the size and shape. My main worry when I got them was that my bwd (13.5cm and 14cm) was too wide for ultras (10.4cm or there abouts) My surgeon explained my own tissue would fill up the sides and they would be close together. Even without a bra now there is less than a pinky space between. My advice always trust your surgeon, they know the best and do want to give you the best result. Here’s a some bikini pics ?
  3. I hope you feel better soon! You’ve been waiting so long for this!
  4. I went from a C to an E/F and I’m still wearing the same size clothes, except for button up, non stretchy material work shirts.
  5. I will absolutely let you know how it is. Good find at target, there selection seems to be quite good- well, better than I expected! I might have a look and try there’s as a backup
  6. Hi everyone, I’m 4 1/2 weeks post op and very much looking forward to getting back into jogging at 6 weeks. I’ve read up here all the sports bra recommendation threads and decided to order the berlei ultimate performance crop. https://www.berlei.com.au/ultimate-performance-crop-y599w-blk.html I’ll be wearing my berlei wirefree electrify underneath for extra support which I’ve been wearing as my post op bra. Does anyone have any experience with the ultimate performance? Is it wirefree and if not, was it fine to wear at 6 weeks? Crazy how much thinking I am putting into a sports bra but I just want the best support for my new boobs! ?
  7. I’m finding my berlei sports bra pretty good for support and not toooo uncomfortable considering I’m wearing it 24/7 still. I think they do a broad range of sizing and small sizing like you are after. Also I’ve noticed the band sizes a bit small. I’m normally a 10/12 and I’m wearing a 14.
  8. @Melbmummy good luck tomorrow Boob update! I’m in love ? So glad I listened to my surgeon re profile. Everything I had read online said stick within 1-1.5cm of your bwd... Well, I went with 455 UHP overs which have a diameter of 11.2cm. My breast width is 13.5 and 14 and my cleavage is perfect! I can fit a pinky finger between them and I even have some side boob! He explained due to my natural cleavage and the existing tissue I had it would fill them out to be nice and round and give me a bit of a lift plus the upper pole fullness I desperately wanted. I know I’m only 5 days post op but I’m VERY happy. I feel funny about posting photos on here but I’m happy to share in private message with anyone looking to see how ultra high overs can look or if your curious about BWD/implant diameter
  9. So hard! To be honest, it hurts a bit more than I expected. I figured since I was going over the muscle and had pretty loose skin it wouldn’t hurt so bad. I guess I’m only one day post op, hopefully tomorrow is a little better Absolutely cannot wait to check myself out Monday ?
  10. Got it, thanks! Sleeping last night was a bit rough. I tried to be as upright as poss with a V pillow, airplane pillow plus a few normal ones. I woke up ALOT. I’ve tried to get up to go to the bathroom but I can’t sit up and my Husband is still asleep next to me and I don’t want to bother him ... Haha, I guess I’ll be holding it. ??‍♀️
  11. Thank you! I will ❤️ Ps. How do I “like” your posts? I keep giving you thanks tropheys which I’m cool with but don’t think that’s right haha
  12. I made it wooo! I’m feeling ok and all taped up. We went for 455cc UHP overs and from what I can see under all this tape they are looking good so far. I love feeling all this fullness up the top. I think I’ll be taped up for a few days then they’ll fit me for my bra. Can’t wait! I made the hubby take me to McDonald’s drive through on the way home for a big burger and fries- I was sooo hungry. Just chilling and watching Netflix now ? Will keep you lovelies updated!
  13. Hehe thanks! It does, I’ve been trying to sleep in since I’m not due in for another 4 hours but I’ve woken up nervous and starving. ?
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