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  1. Interesting! How many threads does this procedure normally involve?
  2. Had my lips done with Dr Jodlovich today. He took the time to review my lips and the pictures I brought in to show him of the kind of lips I wanted to achieve. The results are simply perfect. I can highly recommend him ?
  3. I agree with you Sophie. I'm still pretty new to this all but I have to say I've had the perfect Botox treatment with Dr Jodlovich. I now have a very natural refreshed appearance without any signs of having any treatment done. I had my lip filler done with Dr Jodlovich today and once again the results are flawless. I can also strongly recommend him to all.
  4. I'm a bit anxious about it all as I've heard a few horror stories so I'd probably feel more reassured going to an experienced cosmetic doctor/surgeon. Any recommendations?
  5. sounds great. I'm booked in to see Dr Jodlovich at his Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Double Bay clinic for some cheek fillers. I'm just waiting to see the results from my Botox treatment this morning before i decide to go ahead with it. Thanks again to you all for sharing your valuable cosmetic experiences, it really helps!
  6. Sounds amazing. Does this procedure need to be done by a specialist in the field or can any injector do it?
  7. Hi All, This treatment sound very interesting. I also clench my teeth while i sleep and i never realised there was a treatment out there for it. i just had my very first Botox treatment for my wrinkles this morning so this is all still quite fresh to me. It's amazing what you can learn just by tuning into other peoples' experiences!
  8. Hi All, So i had my Botox treatment with Dr Tom Jodlovich this morning and i have to say I was very pleased with my experience. I asked a hundred questions as i usually do when i'm very nervous about something new and to my suprise, Dr Jodlovich was very patient and kind with his approach to my first time anxieties. He was very thorough in his medical assessment to ensure that I wasn't on any medications or treatments that would stop me from having my Botox treatment and he also went into a lot of details with my medical history to explain what medical conditions I had in the past that could have been an issue for my treatment had they been active today. Throughout the whole consultation and procedure i felt that I was in the right safe hands. After my treatment, Dr Jodlovich gave me extensive advice on things to do and not do to ensure that I get the best results and longest duration from my treatment. I'm sooo excited that I have finally taken the Botox plunge as this is something I've been mulling over for years but never had the courage to take the leap of faith and actually get it done. I can't wait to see the results and if all goes well I'm thinking of getting some fillers injected into my cheeks just to bring them back to life like they used to be. If any of you ladies had treatment with Dr Jodlovich or others like him, can you please share your experiences with me? Thanks again for the recommendation Veronica! Botox Newbie No Longer
  9. Thanks Veronica, I've booked in to see Dr Jodlovich at his Sydney CBD clinic tomorrow. I'll let you know how I go. Thanks again for the recommendation - I feel so lost with all the options available in Sydney!
  10. Hi, Any recommendations on the best Botox injector in Sydney?? I've never had any work done before so good recommendations will be invaluable! Botox Newbie
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