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  1. @dream it - live it your progress photos look amazing! Can I ask your before and after stats? Thanks!
  2. Hey, any other members able to provide details of their experience with implants over or under the muscle? I'm still not really sure which to go with. Any advice, opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks for your comments ladies @pink butterfly and @I HaveBoobs I'm confused on which option is best for me as I have had consultation appointments with two surgeons, one saying he'll do over muscle and the other saying under muscle is best...
  4. Hey all, I'm seeking opinions on pros and cons between implants being placed over the muscle vs under the muscle? I'd been really keen hear people's experience with both. Also I'm very active and work out at the gym last days so I'm not sure which one is better for people who work out regularly. And advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hey there kimba, Thanks for your response! I really appreciate it! It is concerning some of the experience you mention you friends have had with him. I had my consultation with Dr taylor last week and didn't find him to be genuine or give me confidence in his surgical ability. I felt rushed through my consultation with him and was surprised when he palmed me off to the nurse for sizing and pricing. I thought at least with doing the sizing and what shape implant would suit best, that he would be the one to go through that with me. I've looked at possibly going to Sydney but
  6. Hi all, I have a consultation booked in with Dr Alistair Taylor from caps clinic in Canberra tomorrow to enquire about breasts augmentation. I've heard mixed things about him so wondering if anyone has had breast implants done by him and what you're experience was? Apparently his consultation is quite quick then you get sent to the nurse who does the sizing and pricing? What are people's thoughts or experiences with this? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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