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  1. Booked in 9th November too! Id love to hear about your post op experiences. I know Im in for a rough time....Ive hear its a very painful recovery. Can you recommend anything to assist the recovery period. Also love to see any pictures. ....lucy
  2. Jasmin I think its a much more sensible option.....and less likely occurrence of problems. Good Luck with it!!!
  3. Its sounds normal..tingling is the healing in process. Good luck ladies!!! Going in on the 9th! Terrified!
  4. Hi Renee Im going in on the 9th of November with Sawjin... terrified!! Having a tummy tuck as well at the same time. Are you okay? Let me know whats happening. ...lucy
  5. Carrie where abouts in Sydney are you?
  6. That doesn't sound right....across the breast? I thought it went under the breast line? Check with your surgeon!!!
  7. Hi Hazel.. IM going in on the 9th for same... there is a cream you can buy for bruising.. but I think gentle massage with warm oil would be my option...can you do this? Are you too sore?
  8. Good luck with it. Im going in on the 9th of November... scary as hell!
  9. PinkFriday....that looks like an infection there.... or the start of one. Get to a GP fast and see what their opinion is....if you need medical attention immediately the GP should be able to arrange this ...at least antibiotics of some kind in case it is infected.
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