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    I’m a year on and still wear my post surgery bra. Surgeon has attributed this to why they have retained shape so well over the year
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    Lucinda Peters reacted to dignamom42 in Supportive bra at night   
    When I just had my post reduction i used to wear my old bras. Each surgeon has different recommendations for his or her patients. My good doctor Dr Rino Lorenzo adviced me to wear my old bras. Although the cups will be too big, there is plenty of room for dressings and the band around will fit as it did before surgery. Then, when there is drainage and the bra gets dirty, it can be thrown out--which was going to happen anyway. Right now my result look good and I feel better more than ever. I just love it! 
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    Lucinda Peters reacted to PinkFriday in Bottoming Out and Pain   
    My surgeon was Mark Ashton.
    I got a reply today and he says that the reason I have to wait 12 months is because I don't have insurance to cover the hospital and implant fees. I've already paid over $20k. It's not just aesthetics but it's my health and pain.
    I'm over the muscle now, but before I was under the muscle. 
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    Lucinda Peters reacted to HarperHen in Bottoming Out and Pain   
    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I think it is unreasonable to expect you to wait 12 months for a revision. There is an obvious complication that will not improve over time and is causing you pain. What is your surgeons revision policy? If he won't help then I'd be looking elsewhere for support. I hope you can resolve this quickly.
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    who was your surgeon? I would be inclined to post pictures in the Q&A section of the forum for another surgeon to at least provide an opinion. You dont need to live with someone for 12 months just because your surgeon wants you to have PHI coverage before he will re operate. Maybe even an opinion from one of the surgeons here will be some ammo for you to say oh heyyy......not cool or something like that
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    Lucinda Peters reacted to Aphrodite in Bottoming Out and Pain   
    Hi pinkFriday, did he say what is causing the pain?
    I would be pushing for more to be done. That sounds unreasonable to be putting up with pain for 12 months.
    would you consider a second opinion from another surgeon?
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