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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Kollias 1st December 2018
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    157cm 52kgs

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  1. @Chook81 I’m feeling really good, stopped taking pains meds yesterday they make me feel like crap. So happy with the results exactly what I wanted ? can’t wait until they soften
  2. Thanks everyone he accidentally wrote TRX but it’s SRX as there smooth ?
  3. My PS has written down allergen style TRX HP 465g smooth I can’t find these anywhere online to get a projection size. Would anyone know why? I’ve searched their catalogue and TRX don’t have a 465 ?‍♀️ Thanks ?
  4. Thank you for the reply my bwd is 12.5 and the Implant is the same and it will be HP, I just wasn’t sure because most people with that size are taller than me I’m 5ft 1, sorry I’m new how do I add you lol
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone here has 465cc under muscle rounds? This is what my PS has suggested and I just want to make sure it’s the right choice. I’m 52ks 157cm. Thanks ?
  6. 465 HP under muscle I want to look natural and it’s so hard to tell as two people that have the same implants look completely different but he knows what his talking about and I trust what his suggested ?
  7. I’m booked in on December 1st with Dr Kollias, So that makes 3 of us ?
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