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  1. Yes I agree that the surgeon can be more precise with open rhinoplasty. I think closed is for minor corrections to the tip of the nose. It will be really difficult for the surgeon to reach the bridge in closed rhinoplasty.
  2. How did the operation go? Are you happy with the results?
  3. I already contacted Bumrungrad and was quoted 215 210 THB which is 9224 AUD. The Codmeditour website lists the procedure at 6850 AUD which is significantly cheaper and including transfers. Codmeditour arranges the surgery at the World Medical Center so probably that's why it's cheaper. I filled the online consultation on the WMC website few days ago so I waiting for their price.
  4. I am considering rhinoplasty in Thailand and I have read good reviews about Dr Montien. In which hospitals does he operate now? I've read in Bumrungrad and World Medical Center. Does he operate in Samitvej? I prefer booking directly with the hospitals, I would like to have complete control. What is the best way to contact Dr Montien - through the hospitals he operates in?
  5. I am considering rhinoplasty in Thailand early next year. From what I have read so far, Dr Montien seems the best choice. Does he still operate in Samitvej Hospital? I know he operates in Bumrungrad and from the Codmeditour website I read that he operates in the World Medical Center. Do you save a lot if you book directly or the difference is small? ersko72, I'll add you as a friend to see your photos because I am also a guy and there are so few guys' photos.
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