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    Breast implant
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    13 december 2018
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    168cm 63kg 12a
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  1. Yes I had mine under muscle and I didn’t have a drain. Hopefully it settles down. It feels so surreal. Good luck to the upcoming ladies who are treating them self for Christmas
  2. Thank you @Chook81 surgery went really good. I’m feeling relatively okay.. apart from my right side being extremely swollen up high. Did anyone else have this? Should I ice it?? ??‍♀️
  3. Hi @cantwait i went on a cancellation list as I want it done just before Christmas so my partner can help with the kids while he is on leave. But once you have decided to go ahead you won't need to wait long. it works around $12500. Did you get the quote in the mail? What size are you getting? I have my pre op apt tomorrow super nervous and I'm constantly questioning myself if I should get it done. ?
  4. @SunnyCoast good to hear all went to plan ?? enjoy them what has everyone got for post surgery bra?? Do I spend the extra $$ and go to the breast cancer care wa or get a cheapie online?
  5. I haven’t decided.. either 345cc or 385cc medium profile and dual plane. How mobile will I be on Christmas Day 12 days after my op??
  6. Hey @cantwait I’ve had my consult and he is such a gentle spoken doctor. I felt instantly comfortable with him. Im booked in on the 13th December. Will meet with him in a couple of weeks to finalise it all. I know someone that has used Dr lee and she had a good experience. I did enquire about him but he was more expensive? Hope your consult goes well.
  7. I’m booked in for the 13th December ?????? excited/nervous
  8. Hi @cantwait im also thinking of going with dr Tony Connell. why have you chosen Dr TC? I don't have any information on him so let me know if you find any. Thanks you
  9. Thank you @I HaveBoobs & @sabP muchily appreciation your response. You both look great. First I've heard of your surgeons. I was going to go see dr tony connell as per a referral. Does anyone know of him?
  10. Hello Ladies, I'm looking into getting a BA in Perth.. I'm new to this so I'm looking for some recommendations and information. Thank you x
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