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  1. Yes to sensitive nipples !! Mine are at the moment. And yes to feeling sick with endone, I haven’t taken it very much I’m just taking panadol. yes to feeling bloated too, I’ve been drinking peppermint tea, which is helping ?
  2. Thats great @Chook81 yes enjoy the naps, not sure how long the tiredness lasts as i’m only on day 4 of my recovery. Take it easy and get lots of rest ?
  3. Hope all went well @Chook81 ? wishing you a speedy recovery. Good luck @Frankie* enjoy your trip, you'll be fine to see fireworks, I've had the same surgery and I'm feeling quite good. A little tired at times, but that's it ?
  4. Haha @Tori14that’ll be me !!! ?? I’ll be too tired to do anything !!! And yes he will have that’s for sure haha ?
  5. @Tori14 yes I am!!!! ? I'm gonna make the most of this rest, watch Netflix and read a book. My eldest is nominated parent now to the younger ones haha ??? he's 19 and will probably never gave kids of his own after this!!! Haha
  6. OK my update ? All went very well, I had a BL & BA which I was nervous about, but I'm thrilled with the results!!! They are sitting nice and high and much fuller. I'm feeling a bit tight, which is to be expected, but on the whole I'm doing great ? I'm still in hospital but will be allowed home @ 5pm, which is nice as I get to rest up a bit more before heading home.
  7. Thank you @JD* ? I can’t believe how quick December has gone !! ? I’m getting up, showering and preparing myself now, see you all on the other side ?
  8. Thanks @Chook81 ? I'm super excited for this, just getting through my last day of work for 4weeks (I'm a pre kindy teacher) so we have very excited 4yr olds!!! ?
  9. Will do for sure @The_bright_side ? Thanks @JD* getting excited !!! this week has flown for me !!! ??? I bet I can’t sleep Friday night !!?? ??? hahaha
  10. @The_bright_side Thank you so much, that’s conforting to hear. @JD* has said the same in regards to Dr K and the care in hospital, so I’m definitely feeling comfortable about the whole thing. I’ll be having a BL too, so I’m nervous about how that’ll go and the after effects of that. I’ll soon know anyway ?? haha
  11. Thanks @The_bright_side ? good to know !!! As you can imagine I’m a bit nervous, but more excited about my new revamped boobs !!! ??? Nerves will set in big time Friday night ??? lol
  12. @The_bright_side Wishing you a speedy recovery, glad it all went well ?
  13. Fantastic !!! @Olivia81 that’s awesome !!! Take it easy, and have a good rest ?
  14. Great !! All the best for tomorrow !! I'm sure it'll come and go super quick !!
  15. Well when i'm home I'll have the boys to look after me haha My husband gets back a few days after surgery, and i have a friend who lives a few doors away for emergencies. My eldest is 19 so i won't starve to death ? haha Yay to TV and phone !!!
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