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  1. Hello. I want to share my surgery experience in Korea. I had nose surgery in Seoul at Topface plastic surgery clinic. It's almost 9 months since my nose surgery. Swelling fully disappeared and now I am very satisfied with my result. Thanks to doctor Shim I feel beautiful and confident now.
  2. Hi. I am from Russia and now living in Korea. I want to share my nose surgery experience. For a long time, I wanted to do rhinoplasty, as I was always unhappy with my nose shape. I decided to have the operation but was afraid. I went to many clinics in Korea, consulted, and heard a lot of different recommendations. Finally, decided to nose surgery at Topface plastic surgery clinic. They do only facial surgeries and this point impressed me. During face to face consultation with doctor, he gave me right recommendations and detailed information about the surgery. I thought after surgery my nose will look terrible, but thanks god it looks pretty, I really like my nose shape now. Frankly, I felt some discomfort the first four days to a week after the surgery, as I had tampons inside my nose and cannot breathe normally. The bruises and swelling were gone quicker than I expected. They have post-operative care system, once a week I went there and got laser treatment, which help skin regeneration and which is good to get after surgery. I'm very happy with my results. Hope my review will be useful Sharing my photos (before and after 4 weeks).
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