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  1. @JD* My nipples were so sensitive, it was like the most intense stinging pain but sort of numb at the same time. They're slowly getting better 2 weeks later. @Tori14 I was extremely bloated for the first week as well. I looked pregnant too and couldn't wear jeans and even my leggings were too tight on my belly, it was so bad. The surgeon said it would clear up within a couple of weeks and he was right, I'm back to normal now.
  2. That's great @Ezza98! I stopped the strong pain relief on day 6 but still need panadol every so often. I think because I have very little natural tissue and tight chest muscles from exercise suddenly having these implants shoved under there is going to take some time to get used to, lol. It's not painful though, just sooo tight. So tight that I have trouble straightening my spine, it feels like an invisible person is pushing on my boobs and pulling them downwards it's so weird and uncomfortable. They're shaping up quite nicely now though ?
  3. I'm actually feeling heaps better today @Tori14 despite what I said this morning, lol. The girls have softened slightly so the shape is a bit less boxy this evening. Can only get better from here! I also had a few weird dreams similar to yours leading up to the big day. Such a relief when I woke up and realised it was all a dream. I was scrolling Facebook this afternoon and in my memories from 6 years I ago I had a status asking santa for a boob job for Christmas. I never actually thought I'd get one but here I am haha. Good luck for tomorrow @The_bright_side! ?? ?
  4. How are you today @Ezza98 Day 4 for us and I think today could be my worst yet discomfort wise. The pain is more pressure like a toddler standing on my middle chest. My girls look all flat and rectangular still so I'm not loving them just yet either which isn't helping lol. I can see when they d&f they'll be perfect for me though. I keep telling myself it will be worth it all in the end ?
  5. Did any of you ladies have to wear a long elastic boob/body tube type thing? The nurse got me to put it on pre surgery under the gown, it is fairly tight like a body contour dress from my boobs to halfway down my thighs. She said something about it being necessary for support in theatre. When I woke up it was up over my new boobs and doubled over so it only reaches to my waist now. It's making me hot and I'm not sure if I can take it off yet. I'm wondering if it's meant to be extra support on top of the post surgery bra or they just forgot to tell me when to take it off.
  6. Haha sounds good to me. I might just get to finish that book I started months ago ?
  7. Thanks ladies, I've finally done it! I've been home and resting for a few hours now. Pain is not that bad just really tight and a bit hard to breathe deeply because it feels like someones pressing on my sternum. There's a bit of an ache in my middle back below my shoulder blades which I wasn't expecting but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. My surgeon made me feel so comfortable and the day surgery staff were beautiful. It's been an awesome experience so far. I will post before and after pics in a couple of days. ?
  8. Hi ladies, it's my booby day tomorrow! 12 hours until admission time! It still feels a bit surreal at the moment. I'm not nervous at all or really excited either (yet), it's so weird, but I am looking forward to being able to wear my dresses and bikini with new found confidence when summer finally reaches this end of Victoria.
  9. Thanks @Frankie* ? I am feeling very ready. I've wanted this for almost 20 years, since I realised I wasn't going to be blessed with boobs and then having kids made it worse haha. All the information I've found here has helped so much, the lists of things I'll need to have and do to prepare in the days and weeks leading up and afterwards that I would never have thought of especially. I'm getting 295cc and 315cc Motiva full plus, round, textured, gel implants, placed under the muscle. I'm so excited that I'll never walk out of a shop crying again because none of the bras I tried were small enough ?
  10. Hi ladies, I'm a new member but I've been following this forum for a couple months now, it's honestly been invaluable the amount of helpful information I've found here. My surgery date is the 4th of december with Edmund Ek from the Melbourne institute of plastic surgery. I'm so excited and nervous!
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