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  1. They look amazing! I’m only 1 month out from surgery... so excited... and nervous... but mostly excited!! Xx
  2. Hello lovely ladies! I am hoping to find some photos of you gals who may be a bit closer to my build, I am 170cm tall, I weigh 74kgs and the doc is looking at giving me 500cc implants. (I’m Booked in for March 7th 2019) Most photos I see are of littler ladies so it’s hard to get a gage on what 500ccs will look like on a bigger girl like me. thank you! ?
  3. I’m so happy and excited for you @Tori14! I checked out your pics and they look amazing already ? Yep definitely counting down the days! Xx
  4. Hello lovelies! I am booked in for a bilateral mastopexy and breast augmentation on March the 7th 2019 YAY! My husband and I are just working out how much time he will need to take off to help me with my recovery? Like how long until I will be able to get myself in and out of bed or anything else that I just won’t be able to manage on my own? Like a few days... or weeks...etc? We plan on getting his parents to help with our three kids but how long will I need help with the really up close and personal stuff for me? Tanks in advance gals xx
  5. Thank you Tori! Finally! that pic is great example of what I’m facing. same for me as far as puberty dealing the lopsided bee stings lol. Once I had my first baby only the bigger of my breasts grew once my milk came in and then it got worse with each kid I would love to see your progress! Good luck with surgery, not long now till your booby dreams come true! Xx
  6. I have just booked in to have my bilateral Breast Augmentation and right side Mastopexy in March 2019. I am yet to choose my implant size. I am hoping to hear from any of you lovelies who have been through these procedures. My left breast is currently a perky B cup and my right is a saggy D cup. I am 35 years old weight around 72kgs and am a size 12. I have had three children. I would love to see any before and after pics as I struggle to find any decent pics online and would love to hear how the procedures were done (one or two surgeries?) and your before and after stats (which doctor, how many CCs in each breast etc)
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